100 Days of Gratitude: Day 12

You know when you return from going away, you want to just be back at your actual home as soon as possible, especially if its late, you’ve been delayed, you’ve got to go to work tomorrow – you don’t want to do the tedious last part of the journey that seems to take forever and it would be kinda handy if someone invented a teleporter already?

well, today’s is a bit of an odd one 🙂

Today I am grateful for the Burnley tunnel!

yes,that much maligned, oft snarled up scene of an awful accident  means my journey from the airport although it is only 6km further than when I used to live in Southbank, by surface road that would add at least another 20 mins to my journey meaning it would take 45 mins to get home from the airport. Yawn!

But the Burnley tunnel happens to pop up right at the bottom of my road and means that the extra 6km only takes an extra 5mins!

So today the tunnel does have someone who is very glad that it is there 🙂



Love to hear your thoughts!

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