100 Days of Gratitude: Day 10

Day 10! already!

flying along!

which is good, because today I’m grateful for the invention of flying machines a.k.a aeroplanes


here’s one that flew 6 years before the Wright borthers got off the ground – I’m also very grateful they no longer look like this!

so why am I grateful for planes?

Because I’m off to sydney for the weekend to see my oldest/longest serving (suffering??) friend (he’s known me since I was 18!! thats…well, EONS!) whom I haven’t seen in far too long – if it wasn’t for flight he wouldn’t have visited me and then wouldn’t have emigrated out here. Same thing with my brother – a holiday to Australia became a life changing event.

Without flight I wouldn’t be here, wouldn’t have travelled around the world, my family wouldn’t visit so often, I wouldn’t go back as often as I can.

yes, flying is a good thing, its the promise of new things, new sights, adventure, excitement. And even when you’re coming home its good, because you’re coming home!

So, Sydney here I come on something a little more likely to actually get there



Love to hear your thoughts!

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