100 Days of Gratitude: Day 8

Today was legs day.

only one acronym can describe legs day.


And just to compound the pain, immediately afterwards (well…sometimes its about 10 minutes afterwards when I’m reasonably confident that I’ve passed the ‘gonna throw up’ stage), I cycle the 5km to work…uphill.

and yes I complain like a bitch about it all the way, even though it is self inflicted.

But not today.

I was stopped at some lights by a tram stop, which naturally had a queue of people waiting, and I glanced over at the queue. One person caught my attention – a young guy, with a walking stick.
I watched him get on the tram, moving awkardly and stiff legged, not bending at the knees, to the tram step. Then he paused, as if not quite sure how to get on. Using one hand to hold the rail and the walking stick to balance he sort of swung his hip and leg up into the tram and hauled himself inside.

This guy was probably only in his 20’s, so what was causing this guy to not be able to walk? Would he have to live his whole life like that? Was he in a lot of pain?
I don’t know, but it certainly made me count my blessings. I cycled the rest of the way to work, grateful that I COULD cycle… to work, hoome, to the shops…to anywhere for that matter.

And the DOMS tomorrow?

I’ll be grateful for them too.

And I bought the homeless guy lunch today. He has epilepsy and a severe nut allergy, but at least he had a warm lunch today.



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