100 Days of Gratitude: Day 7


Have you noticed how all physios, chiros, osteos, myo’s, remedial massage therapists all have pain seeking radars in their thumbs?

its true! you go in with a sore elbow and all of a sudden they’ve got you lying on the table digging their thumbs into your glutes or worse…

your calves…!


Then they ask you if it hurts…

oh dear.

Now you’re caught between a rock and a hard place!

If you say ‘no’, they dig harder, and if you say ‘yes’ – they dig harder!

But, today I am grateful for those pain seeking radars because I can now turn my head properly.


Well, I used to go and see my chiro once every 3 weeks and have a remedial massage once every 3 weeks – just like the high performance car that is prone to niggles and break downs – so is my body, hence my ‘essential maintenance’ program

But my chiro moved back to the US and for most of this year I haven’t been able to afford a massage so the maintenance program has ceased…and my neck has gradually been getting more and more stiff to the point where I can only turn it half way to the right before I get pain referring up my neck and causing a headache.

Not ideal.

However, I just so happen to be working at RMIT at the moment and they just so happen to run courses in remedial massage and myotherapy. Of course, fresh graduates are not allowed to be let loose on real patients unless they have at least 100 hours of actual clinical practical application of their theory.

So how do they get this practice?

RMIT runs a clinic.

$20 for a 1 hour relaxation/remedial massage

$30 for 1 hour myo session (supervised by a fully qualified  practicing myotherapist)

Sometimes the newer students can be a little shy of pressing too hard so I have to reassure them that they will not be able to hurt me – I’ve been to some VERY brutal physio’s over the years, but today’s student, she knew what she was doing and got stuck right in – radars on full target aquisition mode.

1 hour later, 1 floppy neck, 1 happy student (they so rarely get the chance to practice on elite athletes), 1 happy me

Maintenance program back on track!

Go the pain seeking radars!


p.s want to know the best thing? This clinic is open to everybody, and they are always keen to practice on fit bodies. If you happen to be in the city and want a cheap massage check it out:






Love to hear your thoughts!

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