Do you squat?

Sarah Taylor Figure Champion Sarah Taylor Figure Champion

Asked a wide eyed tradie the other day, staring at my legs then glancing ruefully at his own less than robust twiglets as I strolled (strutted??) past in my teeny weeny butt hugging shorts.

‘Yeah mate, I do. You gotta do the squats.’

‘FAAARRRKK!! Now dat’s a body! How’d’u git that? Are you on ‘roids’?’ asked another random ‘admirer’ at a tram stop yesterday.

‘No mate, I squat, lift heavy and eat clean’

‘faarrk. Good on youse’ says random guy, who then went back over to his large, very chubby mate and told him ‘faarrkin’ell now that’s a figure. D’youse see that? Faarrkk!’

‘WOW, ugotbigmuscles!…’nnnn’biglegsss’ slurs pissed guy on the tram waving his beer bottle in my general direction (8:40 in the morning)

At my local coffee shop: ‘You put all of us to shame!’ the skinny barista commented (he had a point…none of them had a discernible muscle between them!)

What has suddenly sparked all these comments? I’ve had about 5 of these type of conversations in just the last week alone. I even had a random (skinny) guy in the gym come up to me (very brave, I had my ‘I’m training, do not disturb’ face on) and want to know in detail everything I did to look like I do

Well…how long do you have…

But I was training, so I wasn’t about to waste a good workout by talking…

‘I squat, lift heavy and eat clean’

Sarah Taylor Figure Champion

So what’s changed?

It occurred to me that I’ve obviously crossed another one of those invisible lines in the development of my physique.

Looking back over the course of where I’ve come from to where I am now, there appears to be several phases you go through during the development of your physique that invite different sorts of comments from particular groups of people at each stage.

When you first start lifting weights and you start to get a bit of shape, look less wobbly and squishy first you get guys hitting on you because you just look ‘toned’, but not too bulky…we wouldn’t want that now would we? Then as you maybe get a bit more muscular and/or leaner guys stop coming up to you (maybe because you curl more than them?)  and its generally women asking you how you look so good. Then you get to a point where you’re too muscular/lean for women to be interested (you’re now in the butch lesbian category) and trainers start to ask you if you’re aiming for a competition and/or who your trainer is…

and then they give you the ‘benefit’ of their advice.

Once you get to this stage, if you do go on and compete, during your cutting phase you’ll get plenty of people asking you if you are cutting for competition…

and then they’ll give you the ‘benefit’ of their advice


The next stage which is probably where I was at last year, is you obviously look a bit different to the average gym rat and depending on how you’re managing your offseason you’ll get people (generally guys after plucking up their courage) asking you if you’re a bodybuilder and for some reason their tone is always a bit doubtful. When you confirm that you are, they get all excited because they ‘knew it all along!’

And then you get to the stage where your physique probably isn’t growing that much, but you’re just getting more and more hard looking – getting that baked in concrete look that says you’re a serious lifter.

I think that’s where I’ve just got to.

Sarah Taylor Figure Champion

Last year I had great shape and symmetry in my upper body but it still looked a little ‘lightweight’, when compared to my legs that is. I’m not quite sure how to articulate it, but I am definitely looking harder and more ‘dense’ than a few months ago, the concrete is beginning to set. I’m probably sitting at about 15% body fat, have obvious vascularity, some cut in my legs still and you should see the striations on shoulders day!

At this stage when there’s no longer any question of whether you are, or are not a bodybuilder, you now get other gym rats asking you what you are doing and how they could get to look like I do.
do…or as was the case today:

‘Excuse me, can we have our photo taken with you?’

I turned round to find 3 (skinny) students staring at me…


Then they all promptly took their shirts off!

It was kinda sweet actually and one had a decent set of abs.

Abs guy then asks

‘I want to put on some muscle can you train me?’

Why, yes I can….

‘you have to squat mate, lift heavy and eat clean!’



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