Peak Week Part 2

OK here we go (again!) 6 more sleeps until I’m back on stage and this time I really am looking forward to it!

Having had time to process last week, the ups and downs, the comments and feedback, an interesting potential avenue that I hadn’t previously contemplated and those all important photos (thanks Steve!) its been an interesting week.


I’m so  glad I did a small show to start with – several people questioned my reasoning and whether it was a waste of time to do a trial run, after all it takes a lot of effort to get on stage with the peak week planning, the tanning, hair, makeup. On the day itself there is so much to do and get right, it requires a lot of input from your whole team.

But it was worth it. It meant we had a practice run at peak week and what we wanted to do – how to water load, when to have treat meal, when to cut water, when to carb up, what sort of pump up to do for each category – if we had got it wrong it would have provided valuable lessons for next time, as it turns out we got it bang on – I really could not have looked any better on the day in any of my categories.

Could you imagine if my first show had been a big show, where federation staff, judges and audience alike knew me and we got it wrong? I’d have been mortified! There would have been all that ‘great physique…shame about the conditioning’ type talk going round.

And what about the nerves? I was a picture of confidence walking out onto stage in my first category, but once I got to the line and looked out into the crowd, the sheer enormity of the situation hit me – the weight of expectation – my own, Aiden’s, people in the industry who have been following my journey – and I had a massive case of stage fright, my legs turned to jelly and I could barely stand upright. It didn’t help that the poses were called in a totally unfamiliar order and I didn’t know when to do the front or back symmetry pose – I don’t even think I did! Each pose took me ages to get into – I had to steady my legs before I could even contemplate doing whatever the rest of the pose was – it must have looked horrible and I certainly didn’t present myself as well as I should have done, its only because I’ve practised and practised and practised my posing that I was able to hold it together.

It was a relief to get through it.

Another thing that I needed was to see for myself just how my physique compared to others. People have been telling me for weeks that I look amazing, and huge, but because I’ve been away from stage for so long, had so much injury trouble and only in the last few months has my training not been (badly) compromised, that  in my head, everyone has 2 years of additional muscle advantage over me and I’ve totally been lacking in any self belief. I physically needed to stand next to another competitor so I could see for myself how I compare. I definitely have the answer to that now, and it has given me the confidence I need for my next competitions.

It was interesting that the federation president (a pro bodybuilder) who is from a different state and had flown up just to watch the show, specifically came and found us afterwards and congratulated Aiden on my conditioning and my physique – particularly my glutes! We were chuffed at that, as only a year ago I had no butt at all – surfboard! I was the ‘no glutes’ model in a glutes activation seminar at Filex!

Can’t say that about me now, I literally have worked my butt ON 🙂

So whats in store for peak week?

Same as round 1.

I’ve still been gradually coming in so I’ll be leaner again by another 0.5-1kg which means we’ve maintained the same rate of progress that we have for the last 11 weeks. We’ve upped the intensity of my training intra-session without extending the amount of training – only 1 HIIT last week and 1 this weekend. I’ve even taken today off (except posing), so my energy levels are excellent and I can’t wait to get stuck into training this week.

I’ll water load again but not to the level of last time – we tried to get to 8 litres, but it was clear that my limit is about 7 as I was starting to get dizzy and nauseous by the 8th litre. At some point I’ll have a treat meal and then it’s tan, tan , tan, hair, tan, nails, tan, makeup and…


The difference this time is that I’ll be backing up – 2 shows in 2 days which will be interesting  so we’re going to have to be careful day 1 that I don’t overload with junk and blow out for the next day. Having said that, I really don’t think that will be an issue – I struggle eating junk at the best of times, so after snacking on 2 rice cakes with jam or honey and I’d be so overwhelmed by the sweetness of it, that would be it for a while. Must take green stuff/savoury items with me this time. By the end of the day when Aiden asked what I wanted to eat to celebrate, the answer was very definitely ‘chicken and green stuff!’

Jim’s Greek tavern did the job perfectly…char grilled calamari, baked snapper, greek salad and chargrilled chicken skewers. I may have gone a bit nuts with the saganaki, but it was worth it…and no preggy belly the next day!

I think we have a winner…

so game head is firmly on, I’ve been avidly watching results and photos coming in from other states and it looks like there’s going to be some big fields with some quality physiques. I wouldn’t want to be a judge, I think they’re going to be in for some long tough days!

6 more sleeps and this time it will be much more familiar- we have our process worked out, I’ll know the venues, I’ll know a lot of people, it’ll be good to see everyone looking their best and there’ll be some good competition.

Good luck to everyone – I can’t wait to be standing there right next to you 🙂



  1. I had to leave ANB just as you were coming on the other week. Of everyone I had already seen, it was your physique I was most in awe of. I was with my pt and said to her, ‘that right there is what we’re aiming for’.




    1. Thanks Bec, my physique is very achievable it just takes time, so set yourself a realistic target to aim for – at least 12 months. I’d love to be standing on stage next to a ‘clone’ of me! Good luck! 🙂


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