Advice, Schmadvice

What is it about a competitor on comp prep that suddenly makes them ‘public property’ and means that anyone and everyone with an opinion is suddenly entitled to provide that opinion without being asked for it?

Its like pregnant women whose belly is suddenly available for everyone to touch or rub.

18 weeks ago when I started my prep, no one looked at me twice. I was fat – you could hardly see the muscle that was hiding under a bit too much off season, other trainers in the gym although having seen me work by butt on for the last year didn’t get why. Fair enough, many of them are new and didn’t know that I’ve competed before or that I was aiming to compete again, but there are trainers there who saw me last time, have seen me work my way back and yet it seemed to come as a complete surprise when after about 8 weeks of dieting they suddenly noticed that I’d changed and started to wonder why. One trainer (who knows I did figure last time) pulled Aiden aside and told him he thought I was too big for bikini!

Riiight. Thanks for the tip.

Once people knew why I was starting to change, of course there comes the advice…

oh, all of sudden now you’re interested…

This is what messes with competitors heads – conflicting advice from every man and his dog who has picked up a weight once.

As I’ve got leaner the questions come – what am I doing with my diet? How many carbs am I on? Should I be cutting them so soon? Should I have cut them out altogether 6 weeks out? What are you thinking! You have to have carbs for energy!! What am I going to do with my training, how am I going to change my training, have I considered doing this or that, shouldn’t I be doing high reps and lower weights? What about cardio? How much am I doing….and when I say I’m only doing HIIT they react in horror…what no cardio???!!! How can I possibly expect to get shredded if I’m not doing low intensity/hours of cardio??? Have I considered doing walking, that’s great for bringing you in…

Pipe down all of you.

If I want your opinion I will ask for it, otherwise butt out of my comp prep. Go back to your own little dream world where in your head you think you’ve got what it takes to get a competitor on to stage. If you’ve never got yourself on stage, your opinion doesn’t count for anything. If you’ve never put a competitor on stage, your opinion doesn’t count for anything.

If you have got on stage or put competitors on stage YOUR opinion about MY prep DOES NOT COUNT FOR ANYTHING.

Take your ego elsewhere and let those who know what they’re doing get on with it.

Aiden has got it totally sorted. He’s been working with me for 2 1/2 years, he’s seen what effects all my crazy diet experiments have had on my body, he knows my body better than anybody,he knows just what it responds to.

He can tell at a glance what’s working and what’s not and even if I’m not on a scheduled training session with him, he’ll come over and just tell me to drop 5g off my afternoon carbs, or add 5g protein to each meal or take out 3 almonds from morning snack or don’t have the teaspoon of nut butter at night. This is why we’ve been able to maintain a constant 0.6-0.7kg loss/week for the last 9 weeks, with no plateaus, no stuck points and no having to shock my body to kick start the fat loss, because Aiden is right onto it and the constant little tweaks mean my body is always guessing and appears to want to lose the fat.

Because he knows my body so well, this is also why we haven’t had to change my training – hard and heavy has worked all year, it’s working now. It’s not broken, so we’re not going to fix it. We’ve only added a maximum of 2 HIIT sessions (cut down to 1 now) – Aiden’s even had to STOP me from training because I have energy to spare and sometimes think I’m not doing enough – despite all the evidence to the contrary.

After all comp prep is supposed to be hard right?

Actually I had a bit of a disagreement with an extremely well known person in this industry on Friday as they were expounding the notion that by now all competitors should be exhausted, miserable, fantasising about food and wanting to skip their cardio.


I’m not, and if you are, maybe you want to question your process. The definition of stupidity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result.

If your comp prep method is making you miserable and an unpleasant person to be around, change it, try something different – you never know it might just work, and you might get a better result…

I could stick the boot into generic, one size fits all programs here, but I won’t.

I have to say that overall I’m really enjoying this prep, I’m enjoying how fully involved and hands on Aiden is…its making it very easy.

That not to say it hasn’t all been plain sailing – I have my bad days, I’ve had my doubts (not for the last few weeks mind), fears and insecurities have surfaced – but that’s all my own doing. In general I haven’t got impatient with people at work which I did last time, I haven’t needed to resort to nanna naps and coffee to keep me upright during the day like last time, I haven’t had any teary meltdowns which I did last time, I haven’t had to work as hard as last time, my diet seems easier than last time and I’m certainly not starving or fantasising about food – but then I didn’t last time either.

We’re 4 weeks out and we are exactly where we want to be – probably even a bit ahead. I’ve been on no carbs for the last 3 weeks, yet I still have energy to spare, my training is not suffering, I’m not getting snappy, bad tempered, exhausted or cranky – I know I might sound cranky at the moment, but I’m not, I’m in my calm space where I do my writing! Having only 1 HIIT to do a week means I get a day off every week or if I time my training right, a full 48 hours off – which means I’m usually itching to train again.

I know there’ll be plenty of you out there, wondering at the wisdom of being on no carbs so far out, but you have to remember this is MY prep not yours, this is what works for MY body not yours…its all part of Aidens plan – he knows exactly what result he wants to achieve and how he’s going to achieve it, so go tell someone else who might care what you think.

The best bit of Advice I got during my novice season?

Pick who you listen to and only listen to them.

It’s fantastic advice, I’m very glad I heeded it then, and I’m certainly following it now. There is a trainer at my gym who earlier this year competed in bikini. My advice to her was exactly the advice I was given – pick your advisor and only listen to them, but she didn’t. She made the mistake of asking every man and his dog what to do and consequently, got herself completely confused, stressed and anxious about the whole process. She also didn’t get her conditioning right.

So for all you ‘guru’s’ out there, when you see someone in comp prep mode who you are not prepping, kindly keep your opinions to yourself unless they are actually asked for. Competitors are not public property, and they usually have their own precise plan to follow which will (hopefully) get them the result they want, so let them focus on it and do it…without interruptions.

Love to hear your thoughts!

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