2 Weeks to Go – The Power of Cauliflower

I’ve always said I get my inspiration for my blogs from the strangest of places, but who’d have thought that a humble cauliflower could provide a valuable lesson!


I was bored at work, and having logged my food for the day it was looking like dinner was going to be a bit of a skinny affair so I was rummaging around looking for lo cal, lo carb recipes to make my veggies a bit more interesting and I came across this one. I didn’t want to use eggs because that would have blown my calorie limit, but I thought I could substitute egg whites and get a bit of an added protein boost with no extra fat or carbs – sweet!

And it worked a treat! Baked (no oil!) cauliflower tortilla – yum and one head of cauliflower + 1 teaspoon of chia seeds made enough for 4 meals – even better!

The problem started when on Sunday I had 2 poached eggs, 5 grilled cherry tomatoes, 50g kale chips (baked with light spray of olive oil + pinch salt) and I put a small knob of coconut oil in a pan and flash heated the last remaining cauliflower tortilla – just like a pancake, the oil was simply to stop it sticking to the pan (I don’t use non stick pans due to the toxic oestrogen mimicking chemicals in the coating that leeching into your food. Xenoestrogens – google them and how they encourage fat storage on your legs…)

So it was delicious, different, comp diet friendly, it was post HIIT and it was meal 2 which I usually have some almonds with, but with the fat in the eggs and remnant coconut oil no almonds were required.

Then I posted it on FB…but I neglected some key details like: the eggs were poached, the tortilla was baked and only used a small knob of coconut oil to stop it sticking to the pan, the kale chips were baked…

Oh dear.

On Monday, Aiden pulled me aside and told me we needed to discuss my diet, because what was I thinking having fried food so close to comp and why was I using coconut oil? I was in a crabby mood anyway, so being pulled up for something that I thought totally fitted into my current set of instructions and hadn’t been discussed previously didn’t exactly go down well. So once I’d pointed out the missing details, as well as the fact that I’d never been told not to use coconut oil and I wasn’t a mind reader, I stomped off in a huff and took it out on the weights.

Now I should add here that in general, my food philosophy and Aidens are very much in alignment – this is why he gives me my set points and trusts me to make the right choices with my diet, because he knows I’m always going to chose raw, unprocessed, whole foods and high quality, effective calories over junk calories. Just because I can have pop tarts, or (insert processed food of choice), does not mean that I will choose it over quality whole foods.

It’s just not how I eat.

This is why I find comp diet so easy – it’s exactly the same as what I do every day, just less of it. Off season to me is just more of the same foods + berry fruit and sweet potato  for about 90% of the time – I’m not a complete angel J

Anyway, back to the offending cauliflower…

Weights thrown around, I was feeling much better and having thought it through I knew exactly where Aiden was coming from. In fact I think we both must have had the same realisation, because I was half way through writing down exactly everything I was doing with my diet in the tiniest of details when Aiden txt’d to apologise for upsetting me.  That was all cool and like I say, I totally get where he was coming from. We are so close to comp now, we have both worked so hard for so long, and it’s been a battle all the way to manage and work around my constant and ongoing injuries, but we’ve never let that stop us, and in a few weeks we’ll see the results of that hard work.

Neither of us wants to risk sabotaging that because some detail was overlooked.

Its funny, on Sunday I was saying to a friend that I was enjoying just how engaged and hands on Aiden has been through this whole prep. I think this incident, though trivial on the surface, shows that and it really highlighted just how important this is to both of us. Aiden’s instructions have been precise and specific all the way – it’s made the whole process incredibly easy.

This also highlighted another very important point – communication. Even though we constantly discuss everything to do with my prep, somehow we’d got onto different pages. Somehow, something hadn’t been communicated somewhere along the line and assumptions had led to misunderstandings.

Even though we are so aligned in general, with regards to what foods I was eating, we’ve never really discussed how I was preparing those foods.

As always the devil is in the detail.

The good thing about this is that having identified that there were differences in understanding, we have course corrected, got really specific and come up with some new instructions for the last few weeks.

So thanks to a bit of cauliflower, we’re back on the same page, new targets agreed and we’re all systems go for the final approach.

And the cauliflower?

Looks like my steamer is going to be getting a major workout!



Love to hear your thoughts!

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