7 Weeks to Go – The calm before the storm

Its really not long to go now and I’m very happy with my progress.

We’ve been making little changes to my diet almost weekly, very gradually whittling down carbs, or number of almonds at morning snack or overall calorie ceiling and even increasing amount of protein, and its paying off. For the last 8 weeks I’ve maintained an absolutely perfect 0.5-0.6kg loss every week. We’ve made the biggest change to date this week, but with a ceiling of 1600 calories to play with, if I make smart protein choices there’s actually a possibility I could be eating more food volume wise than I was last week!

As has been the case all the way through with my diet, I’m not actually banned from eating anything…Aiden trusts that I will make the right choices and I do. Everything I eat aims to maximise nutritional balance and effectiveness. Someone even commented at work last week  that they just couldn’t get their head around what their eyes were seeing – to them ‘diet’ = small amounts of food, yet there I was every day morning and lunchtime eating a plate piled high with salad and meat and visibly getting leaner by the day.

Every week I have my cheat meal to spike my calories and increase the fat loss – usually its pizza, but 2 or 3 times its been steak, chips and on one occasion a glass of wine…that one didn’t go down so well as it bloated me badly for a few days – which caused me to panic a little and start to get anxious and stressed. I needn’t have worried, it all came good. And last weeks steak was a cracker – I was up in Bendigo for the weekend and there is an awesome steak house up there – city prices, but worth every one of those 250 grass fed grams of warm blue eye fillet….

and the resulting 0.6kg weight loss on the scales 4 days later was also worth it! 🙂

As far as training goes, again we’re keeping everything simple – what we’ve been doing all year has been working, it ain’t broke so we’re not going to fix it.

I do 5 resistance sessions on a rolling split, so one body part gets hit twice a week and I also now have to do 2 HIIT sessions. Apart from that though, nothing has changed – I even got a scheduled rest for 3 days last week…I was not allowed to go anywhere near a gym. Aiden thought I’d find that a bit tough, but I didn’t – I had plenty of other stuff to do so the down time was very welcome, and as an unexpected bonus I found an awesome little shop and bought a whole lot of new stage bling.

Bring your sunnies, I’m going to sparkle everyone off stage!


As Vicki is always drumming into us – posing practice is essential to work up posing fitness. I try to do a 30-40 minute session every day, but some weeks it hasn’t quite turned out like that…but I do manage to practice my posing routine every day before training. I thought I’d be hopeless at the posing routine, but now that I’ve got into the swing of it, its kind of a nice way to warm up for my training sessions.

The biggest difference between this prep and last time is that I feel almost relaxed about the whole scenario…almost…

There haven’t been any (real) meltdowns, no tears or tantrums – I do get the odd grumpy day when little things just annoy me, I am  getting a little impatient (at myself mostly!), and I have had a few days when I’ve got myself into a complete negative tailspin over something trivial, but overall I’m just not as stressed as I was last time. Maybe its because I know what to expect. I can see steady and constant progress and that’s very reassuring. I feel that everything is progressing as it should be and I think I’ve got most things under control – my diet is spot on, my training is going unbelievably well (shoulder PB on Friday!), my energy levels are better than they have been all year, my elbows are not getting any worse, my hamstrings are starting to get better. I’m posing, practicing my posing routine, I’ve got my hair, makeup and tans all booked. I’ve got my new heels and new bling. Must book nails.

It would be nice to know when my bikinis are going to turn up, but remarkably I’m not even stressing about that…yet! 🙂

Something else I’m doing is not letting this take over my life completely – I am deliberately maintaining some sense of normality by allowing myself to eat out at cafe’s and restaurants. Every Friday after training I go and get brekky at a cafe – sometimes Aiden joins me.

poached eggs, spinach, grilled tomato and avocado are the perfect PWO meal ( no toast of course…not when trainer is looking!)

The other week for steak night I got dressed up and went out to a bar in St Kilda. If I’m in town at the weekend getting my meat from the markets, I’ll have lunch at a little laneway cafe – nothing wrong with a warm chicken or grilled tuna salad (no dressing!). Pre comp prep I’d got into the habit of having a coffee, gluten free cupcake and reading the paper at a little cafe in South Melbourne after getting my food shopping – I still do that sometimes, without the cake of course now.

These are all my way of keeping some perspective and I think that’s very important.

I have a photoshoot in Sydney next weekend and then I’m staying over with friends – last time I wouldn’t even have contemplated such a major divergence from comp prep routine, I just wouldn’t have been able to deal with it. This time, I know it will be fine – I’ll take what food I can, I’m staying at a decent hotel so I’m sure they’ll be able to handle chicken salad with no dressing for dinner! The day of the photoshoot, I’ve ordered catering to be brought in that is suitable for comp diet, the friends I’m staying with are also very health conscious (gay, gym junkies!) so they’ll get me into their local gym and probably join me doing my HIIT sessions. One used to be a vegetarian so I might even get a decent recipe for making broccoli interesting! Bonus.

So just like last weekend was nice to get away from Melbourne/comp prep to do DIY on my house in Bendigo, next weekend will also be nice to get away from Melbourne, get some new photos in almost comp condition and catch up with friends – it could almost be normal!

Is this the calm before the storm?

you’ll probably find out when I do!











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