11 Weeks to Go – Reflections

There comes a point in a comp prep where it still seems like there’s a long way to go, but at the same time it seems like it’s awfully close.

I’m beginning to get that feeling.

11 weeks – it’s still nearly 3 months but when you say it in weeks it seems so much shorter and then you start to think of all the things you haven’t done yet – like registering for comps, paying for bikinis!

you know, minor stuff…

at least I have my spray tans booked, not letting that one slide…last time round I had some decidedly odd nightmares about tans

I’ve been in a bit of a reflective mood the last week or so comparing hows things are this time with last time. Last time at 11 weeks out I had only just made a snap decision to have a go at bodybuilding and competing – I’d never done either up to that point. I had just been to the All Female and totally freaked myself out about how ‘huge’ all these women were.

Having made the decision to do it, I then had to decide what competition to do – what federation was I going to try? one thing I knew would be  a step too far was having to do a posing routine, so that is really what decided the competition and time frame and essentially made it the INBA Vic titles with 10 weeks to get there. Then everything else needed to be sorted – I needed someone to help me with diet (didn’t even occur to me to ask Aiden if he could do it!), I needed someone to help me with posing, I had to find someone to make a bikini for me, then there was the shoes – where to find them how to walk in them! tanning – whats contest colour? do I go for green base or red base? what brand do I use? I ended up testing all of them! how was I going to do my hair? makeup – where do I get stage makeup from? how do I know what to ask for? what should I look like? who can I get to do it on the day? the bling – where do I get that from, better get my ears pierced

all this stuff that was completely alien to me that I suddenly had to learn about and do, which turned the 11 weeks into a total whirlwind of activity that was exciting  as well as being an emotional roller-coaster that I was completely unprepared for as I got leaner and more carb depleted – the falling asleep at work as I literally ran out of energy, bursting into tears for no apparent reason, impatient with everything and everyone…the forgetfulness – that drove me nuts!

It was a massive step into the unknown so it was also completely fascinating to me to observe myself going through it, which is of course why I blogged it – you only get one go at your first time and I wanted to record everything…and look where thats led! 🙂

So this time round, I am feeling a lot more relaxed about the whole process. My training is going really well, I get my skinfolds done every 2 weeks and we make small changes as Aiden sees fit based on whats happening. In the first 5 weeks or so there were some changes, but it all seemed to be going a bit slow and I was starting to get a little anxious, but 1 tiny change to my diet about 4 weeks ago and the introduction of 1 tabata a week suddenly kicked things into gear and in the last 4 weeks I have noticed significant changes.

Its measurement week next week so I’m really going to give it everything at training as I want to see some good numbers again. At the moment I’m doing 5 resistance sessions on a rolling split, so every week one body part gets hit twice.

This week its double chest, last week it was double legs, next week it’ll be double back, then double shoulders. I’m officially doing 1 HIIT sessions a week, but I’ve been doing 2 additional 4 minute tabatas with the landmine press – just because I can 🙂 so at the moment the workload is not much more than I’ve been doing all year, which gives us plenty of scope to ramp things up if we need to.

My diet is still sitting at about 2000 – 2100 calories/day which is 500 calories/day more than this point last time round, so again we’ve got room to move on the diet. At the moment we’re doing little tweaks – 4 weeks ago we took out the 2 teaspoons of nut butter at bedtime,  last week we reduced carbs by 25g/meal and increased protein by 5-10g/meal. Each tweak has brought changes so its just a matter of watching what happens.

On the admin side of things, I’ve registered for the ANB Vic titles and I still need to register for the WNBF Vic Titles and INBA Aussie Titles, and I need to make final payment to Jo Rogers for my bikinis – moy importante!

I had a trial run with my new makeup guy, Abe on Friday – he’s brilliant! I love what he came up with. We loosely wanted to base it on how Pink looks

660x400-250712054306_pink 2012 iHeartRadio Music Festival - Day 2 - Backstage

check this out – how amazing do my eyes look!

IMG_1418 (2) IMG_8018 (2)

I don’t know if I should shave my hair on the sides – decisions!

Oh yes I also tried my old bikini on…

Whilst I have made some good progress in the last few weeks, I’ve got a long way to go yet – nothing like a skimpy bikini to make you look and feel fat!

Abe told me to keep the makeup on as long as possible to see how it ‘stuck’, so I told him I’d do my training session in it. It was legs day, and if anything was going to cause the makeup to slide off my face it would be legs day as I always end up in a sweaty heap.

He didn’t believe I would do it.

He doesn’t know me very well! 🙂


How did the makeup cope?

It survived, I didn’t


All in all, I think I’m on track – Aiden reassures me that he’s happy with where I’m at so I must trust the process and stick to what we’ve discussed.

So far there haven’t been any meltdowns, or tears…but then we’re not at severe carb restiction yet, I was a little cranky last week (the cat used my head as a chew toy at 2am so I didn’t sleep so well) and I am starting to get a little less tolerant of things that don’t quite go as smoothly as I think they should do…and I got cross at the treadmill yesterday when doing my HIIT because it kept stopping during my 30seconds ‘rest’…so I thumped it.

On the subject of sleep – a topic that has been bugging me for well over a year now,  something has happened in the last 2 weeks and I’m sleeping like a log all of a sudden – its like a switch has changed in my body and its now set to ‘sleep’!

I still crash out for about 4 hours then wake up, but the difference now is that I get back to sleep almost straight away for another 4+ hours instead of trying to turn off brain race for 2 hours before crashing out exhausted about an hour or two before the alarm goes off.

It brilliant!

Long may it continue.

When I compare where I am at now to where I was at last time, its worlds apart. This time I know the nature of the beast, I know whats likely to lie ahead, I know its going to get tougher, but this time I look forward to it, because I know it means I’m getting closer.

I know what I have to do, I know the process by which I can achieve it, its just a matter of following the process and I will do whatever it takes.

Hopefully I can keep this relatively relaxed outlook as I progress, but I’m sure I’ll start getting nervous the closer we get…and then there may be a meltdown or two. But another good thing about this time, is that I also know that if the stress and anxiety does start to get to me, Aiden will be able to deal with it and keep me pointed in the right direction.

Long may it continue


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