Fat: 2 vs Muscle: 0

Well I have just had the oddest dexa result. Between this one and the last dexa – so 16 weeks – I have put on 2kg of muscle and 2kg of fat.

Fairly reasonable on the surface given that I am actually trying to get bigger – and you can see that I am succeeding quite well!
I was down at Derrimut yesterday training with someone who hasn’t seen me for…long time…months and their comment was how ‘solid’ I was looking.
I’ll take solid.
Solid is good.
This is what ‘solid’ looks like at the moment.
sarah taylor back jan 2013 Baker Personal training and fitness
sarah taylor front jan 2013 Baker Personal training and fitness sarah taylor side jan 2013 Baker Personal training and fitness sarah taylor side jan 2013 Baker Personal training and fitness
What is not good, is that mr dexa is saying that in the last 8 weeks I have ONLY put on FAT, whereas at the previous dexa I had ONLY put on muscle and indeed LOST fat.
You can see I’ve got leaner recently – I’ve got some nice shape and definition in my shoulders (YAY!)…or do the gym mirrors lie?
What gives? How is that possible?
Well between August – October was when my body really started coming together and we were ramping up my training in chunks (5-10kg at a time in some cases) rather than small increments, so my previous dexa period (sept – Nov) was right in the middle of this rapid progression.
By October I was still progressing but not quite as rapidly and through Nov to Dec there still has been noticeable improvement but now in much smaller increments (2-5kg at a time), but for the last 4 weeks or so I have been feeling like I’m going backwards, because my elbow is stuffed so I haven’t trained arms, and any sort of pressing is hampered (chest, shoulders…)
There’s also been Christmas and no I wasn’t as diligent with my diet. I’ve just had a scheduled rest, I’ve also been massively loading on the fish oil to try and fix my elbow, as well as deliberately trying to eat more carbs to try and fix this energy issue – I still struggle to get above 100 – 120g most days, I feel like I’m force feeding myself.
So it is entirely possible that I haven’t put on any muscle in the last 8 weeks – unlikely, but theoretically possible. What I can train I’m still hitting as hard as possible (back and legs – big compounds…)
I did gain 2kg over between Christmas and New Year (must have been those 3 champers at the races! Wouldn’t be the Banana and maple syrup Pancake stack with bacon and egg on toast chaser breakfasts in Bright…noo…)
I lost it almost immediately that I cleaned up my diet – maybe I kept the 2kg of fat and lost 2kg of muscle instead?
Whatever is going on, the result is the same. Mr Dexa says I’m fat – I have gone above my ideal body fat % range, and I’m looking at a 24 week comp prep at the moment…eek.
With upcoming workshops, I know we don’t look in stage condition all the time, but there’s a difference between ‘not in stage condition’ and ‘not in any sort of condition’ – although for a ‘fattie’ I don’t think I look too bad… (denial???)
Besides, I don’t want to be Vicki’s posing bunny and instead of the abs and thighs pose it becomes ‘flabs and sighs’…
and you can see I’m badly in need of some of Vicki’s coaching! 16th Feb folks – put the date in your diary!!
So I’d better do something about it – I’m going to reimplement Lindys eating rules – they worked before, no reason they won’t work again.
I also haven’t been very diligent…read completely slack…with my one stair session a week (Don’t tell Aiden!) so that needs to be redressed asap.
I’ve got 7 weeks before the rematch with Mr Dexa…and this time I expect the result to be (some) muscle and less fat
Let the correct eating begin…
Before I forget – BIG shout to Maria – get behind her on her health journey, she is already kicking some big goals.
Keep it up!



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