New Year!!

New Directions!

New Goals!!

What is the new year going to bring for you?

Have you made any resolutions? I never bother with those – if something is worth doing, do it now!

So I’ve locked myself away for a few days up in Bright and just taken time for myself to reflect on this year and go through what went right, what went wrong, what could be improved upon and how I’m going to use that going forward into 2013.

So What went right?

Lots of things!

I have been a blogging for the ANB all year and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying it. It’s fun and I’m always slightly amazed and very appreciative of when someone comes up to me and says ‘I read your blog’ – thats so cool. I hope you continue to follow along as I work my way back towards stage this year, its going to start getting exciting! I’m not quite sure how I’ve managed to blog about bodybuilding all year – without having done any bodybuilding, but I guess thats all part of it – I just talk about what I see, how I feel, whats going on and my thoughts about stuff – there’s so much more to bodybuilding than just moving bits of metal!

My photography has been the surprise package – I have improved out of sight this year and as I’ve got better, I’ve been getting better spots at shows, so I can take better photos of you all – its been brilliant! I look back at my photos from fitx and cringe!  I had one, one hour lesson with a herald sun photographer just before Natural Mania and that has set me up for the whole year, its been fantastic. Bring on next year’s shows! I love the challenge of show photography, having to be so quick to capture everything yet patient enough to wait until competitor has reached the peak of their pose then trying to repeat that 4 or 5 times before the next pose is called. Its fast, furious and incredibly intense and out of 1000 shots you might get 10 that are absolutely spot on in every detail – but its worth it! 🙂

I launched a magazine!!! Far out – how nuts is that??!! to think I had some crazy idea back in February, with no idea in the world how I was going to do it or even if it was possible – I thought I’d be waiting years to create it, but then all of a sudden in June, the ‘how’ appeared and off I went! I have never been so busy – its full on, there is no down time – I get an issue out and have to already be half way through the next issue! I have to be super organised, I have a team of people to manage, I have to write stuff, ask other people for their content, I have to put myself out there – I’m so far out of my comfort zone at times it would make swimming with sharks seem like a day out at a paddling pool with goldfish!

But what I have found is that in general, people have been incredibly supportive, generous and helpful – I’m entirely grateful to everyone who has had a part in it so far.

I had double shoulder surgery! how is that a ‘right’? well although not an ideal situation, it was a solution to a problem that was not going to go away. The surgery was more extensive than the surgeon expected from looking at the scans, but it went without a hitch and I had both surgeries within a very short space of time which has minimised the overall recovery time – I think. Put it this way, if I’d had one done then had to wait 2 months before having the 2nd done I probably still wouldn’t be back in training because the 2nd one would still have much further to go to heal. Having had them done so close together the healing gets to a point when a few weeks difference makes no difference, and I’m finding now that in certain movements my right shoulder which was done 2nd, is a little stronger than my left – there are other strengths/weaknesses coming into play now.

Although the surgery was a risk, it was a risk I had to take and it seems to be paying off – which of course was the general idea! so that is why the surgery goes into the ‘right’ category 🙂

what else went right? my diet. I’m very pleased with how I’ve stayed so disciplined with my diet all year even when I couldn’t exercise at all I still leaned down and stayed well in control. I’ve taken the time to experiment a little and tweak a few things here and there, work out if there are foods that have adverse/more positive effects on me. I’m pleased that I appear to have fixed up the energy issues I’ve been having and it all appears to be linked to diet. This information and what I’ve learned is going to be invaluable come comp prep time.

so a good year by all accounts…

but hold on, what went wrong?

my body. If surgery was the only thing that happened then it would have been ok, but it wasn’t. Torn tendons on both sides of my left elbow – this was going on whilst I was competing, but after I stopped competing, it got worse! February MRI scans showed the extent of the tears and I was advised to go for blood injections as cortisone wouldn’t cut it. At least 2 sets would be required and then you had to do nothing with the arm for  at least 3 weeks after each injection – so that was 6 weeks out.

After competitions with not being able to train my upper body, we focused on legs – twice a week, but by December my right hamstring was in constant pain, by January my left had joined the pity party – xrays and mri’s revealed more tendon tears, more blood injections and cortisone was the advised treatment – again with the 3-6 weeks of doing nothing.

Whilst all this was going on I was having weekly physio which often involved dry needling for my hamstrings and elbow.

By March despite doing no training my hips decided they were feeling neglected and wanted a bit of attention too – xrays were done to check if there was any arthritis – fortunately there wasn’t, but there was severe bursitis and inflammation, which caused the sports doc enough concern that they started talking about double hip surgery as well!

So by April I was being advised not to get out of bed if at all possible in case I broke something else – I wasn’t allowed to walk, carry shopping, lift a kettle or saucepan and definitely no gym. Life was a tedious round of doctors, physios, sports doctors, surgeons, hospitals, imaging, needles – more bloody needles and pain, constant never ending pain.

I was over it, completely.

Whether the added injuries hampered my recovery from my surgery I’m not sure, it certainly hampered me financially!

So what could be improved upon?

This is a tough one – I can’t say my physical recovery, I was doing everything I could to try and recover as quickly as possible, but you can’t force healing. Its only going to happen in its own time, so despite my best efforts, it didn’t make any difference.

Could I have improved my attitude? Accepted the situation far earlier than I did? not tried to force my recovery? In hindsight, yes of course I could. But at the time I didn’t know what else to do – I’m not one to just sit by and let things go, it is in my nature to push, search, question and seek – so sitting back and doing nothing just wasn’t going to happen.

What else could I have improved upon – take a chill pill! When I get involved in something I tend to put my head down and get buried in whatever I’m doing and tend to forget the world around me – starting up the magazine, doing a lot of photography at shows took up every waking minute outside of work – between July and November I was probably working 80 – 90 hour weeks, it was incredibly stressful so its not surprising I’ve been getting energy issues or spent the first 5 days of my holiday when my parents were over catching up on sleep!

This year I’m definitely not going to stress as much! what will be will be 🙂

yeah, we’ll see how long that lasts!

am already wondering if I should go and get scans on my left elbow which has flared up again and is beginning to cause an impediment in my training and having made such good progress in the last few months I just don’t want anything to get in the way of continued progress.

ok so what do I want to achieve in 2013?

Get back on stage!

but not just to be there to make up numbers…no, I intend to be a strong contender at the very least for an overall Australian title and qualify for international competitions.

Stay injury free!

this is the big unknown – can my body hold together so I get an uninterrupted growth phase. We’re going to have to manage my training very carefully.

To continue to build on what I started in 2012.

A new year always bring hope and optimism, I believe I am in a much better space this year than last year and can’t wait to see where it all ends up


I have a good feeling about this year…odd years are good to me…

September 11th 2011 – Miss Figure Victoria (Novice)

October 13th 2013 – Miss Figure Australia?

has a nice ring to it…

Happy New Year!





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