Food Fascination

I have to say, I can’t believe how much better I feel in the last few days since I decided to change my diet to knock this energy issue on the head. I’ve been focused, awake, engaged, chatty, I can think clearly and at my usual speediness, I’m even almost enthusiastic about work!

Steady on…that might be going too far! 🙂

The difference between last and this week is just phenomenal.

So I was curious to see just what has changed between pre holiday and the last 6 days – I log my diet on calorieking, bit of a geek like that!

But its fascinating (to me at least!).

Here’s the breakdown

This is my pre holiday macro split and daily averages

pre holiday macros

This is just the last 2 weeks (have been a bit slack on getting back into logging)

post holiday macros

Right away you can see my average fat intake has gone up by about 5% and my already low carb ratio has decreased even further to below 20%. My protein proportion has also decreased slightly, down 3% – mainly because I’ve run out of casein so am not having that as a bedtime snack (nut butter is back on the menu…woohoo!)

So pre holiday my protein+fat:carb ratio was 78:22, with these new changes my protein+fat ratio has gone up to 82:18 – which is quite a big shift and higher than even the metabolic type diet book was suggesting

Looking over at the nutrient breakdown, my daily calorie intake has decreased (not intentionally I assure you – will rectify that ASAP!), and my net calorie intake has decreased to just below maintenance – MUST fix that up for muscle growing! But this is because I’ve increased my daily exercise. That would sound like a really dumb thing to do given energy issues, but all it is, is that I’ve decided to train over at Richmond every day which means an additional 10km cycle every day – to get a bit of extra work in to harden up my legs.

Look at my daily fat – up by nearly 20g per day, but only an extra g of it is saturated…go the almonds and brazil nuts!!! And I’m not even recording the fish oil supps, the butter I’m frying my brown rice in and the flaxseed oil that I’m happily ladling by the tablespoon onto my salads!

Carbs are down by about 20g per day, effective carbs down by about 15g per day to a mere 40g per day!!

I’m a bit bothered by the plummeting calcium – might have to start a supplement there and my zinc has also dropped – but I’m already supplementing that so am not bothered by that.

I’ve also had 3 days without caffeine or fruit and done a parsley tea liver dextox suggested by Greg Dolman.

What’s so fascinating, is that the major things I have changed would seem to be counterintuitive to fix up energy issues – I have increased my exercise load, increased my protein/fat intake, decreased my already very low carbs even further, yet I’ve leaned down noticeably in the last few days and I have energy to spare!

I’m eating constantly! Not 6 meals a day, at least 8 and then if I’m still hungry I eat more (nuts!)

The book was right…I may just have found my setting on the dial…maybe I’ll dial up the fats/protein even more? Interesting point to note – when I was doing biosig I was actually in the carb tolerant bracket, but maybe that was because I was leaner than I am now. There’s plenty of theories around that state the lower your body fat %, the more carbs you can tolerate, the higher your body fat the less amount of carbs you should eat – Biosignature Modulation is one of them.

I’m also wondering if it is a result of my new experiment – How to Find the T Spot – I’ve added in vitamin D, fermented fish oil/butter oil + brazil nuts twice daily to try an increase my levels of free testosterone…

You’ll have to subscribe to Figure & Physique to find out how this experiment pans out! 🙂

Oohh! And how awesome is this, talking of biosig and foodie experiments…Charles Poliquin wanted the link to my Me V The ADG blog so he could read it!


I’m going to write that again in REALLY HUGE letters because I’m so excited…


Reading MY Experiment!!


My fascination with food and its effects know no bounds…and apparently CHARLES POLIQUIN thinks so too…




Love to hear your thoughts!

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