Rest Easy

We all know or have been told how important rest is and how its when you stop that you will progress, but
lets face it when you’re enjoying your training or you’re so focussed on a goal, taking time off can be the
last thing you want to do and can seem counter intuitive or just an inconvenient pain in the back end.
And until now it certainly seemed so for me, but then looking back on the last year I probably haven’t been
in the situation where its actually been required – I don’t think I took any ‘official’ rest breaks last year,
but thats because I wasn’t doing bodybuilding.
And when I did start the bodybuilding I only had 10 weeks to prepare so no time to rest before
the vic titles, and between shows there was no time for a whole week of rest as we were working as hard as possible
given the state of my shoulders to try and get any sort of muscle onto me.
After my shows there was surgery and everything else falling apart so I couldn’t even train, then when I did
finally get back into ‘training’ it was so gentle that it couldn’t really be classed as training.

So this is probably the first time I’ve really needed a designated rest. I knew I needed the rest cos I was stuffed and the 2 weeks
before my holiday my head wasn’t in training mode at all, there was at leat one session when
I whinged ‘do we have to do legs…?’ definitely not my usual approach to a training session
which of course just makes it harder…

wow! what a difference it makes,
I thought it would take me a week or so to get back into the swing of things, but not so – every
training session last week I pushed, pulled, shrugged, chinned, rowed or squatted heavier for more reps
or if I didn’t then at least I wasn’t worse than before I went away.
yesterday I had a really good shoulder session – very pleased am up to 8kg on the DB Shoulder press! watch out – boulder shoulders coming to a gym near you…probably in about….3 years at this rate!
still it was better than last week.

and yesterday I did a PB on the deadlift

Now I get it!
so rest up folks – schedule it in and enjoy your time off.

now then, been back 1 week…5 more to go…excellent! that takes us to Christmas.

I can offically eat, drink and be merry – its all part of the plan!


Love to hear your thoughts!

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