Well knock me down with a feather! And you probably could right now – how much fitness is it possible to lose in 8 days??

Quite a lot it seems!

I‘ve just had a designated week off…well a holiday actually, my parents are over here visiting,  so I was under orders to do no exercise for at least 5 days…none whatsoever, which was lovely – after 3 months of flat out full on working 80 hour weeks I really needed some down time. I don’t think I’ve ever slept so much in my life – every time we went on a car journey I slept. Every time I sat in a chair for more than 5 minutes I slept. About an hour after every meal I slept and then most nights I slept a good 9-10 hours!

And I could still use some sleep!

Is it possible to sleep so much that you need to sleep to recover from the sleep?

I think my parents thought I’d suddenly developed narcolepsy! They also thought I’d developed some sort of eating disorder…because I eat so much! (Trainers orders…honest!)

They really have no idea about bodybuilding, its all very scary to them, unfortunately negative stereotyping still prevails out in the wide world – I think my mothers second question to me after ‘how are you?’ was ‘I hope you’re not on steroids!’

No mum, I’m not.

I think after seeing just how much good healthy food I do eat at least they’re now reassured that I’m not on a ‘funny diet’ anymore and they did eventually admit that I was looking really healthy and after meeting my trainer they agreed that Aiden ‘seems like a sensible sort of chap’

I somehow managed not to laugh…too much…


Ok so tentative acceptance from the parents.

Anyway so after 5 days of doing absolutely nothing, Aiden had done up a workout to do with bands and I added in my special touch of using the terrorist jacket for the pistol squats and weighted walking lunges…

Yes, I really did take a 20kg weighted jacket with me on holiday…


The first time I did the workout, I sucked! I felt so weak after the squat part of the workout I felt like throwing up!

Lots of very deep breathing required – my little 3 year old nephew kept asking what I was doing when I was lying flat on my back puffing like a steam train trying to recover.

My little nephew is funny, he’s got to the ‘Why’ stage – why are you doing that? Whats this for? Why are you doing that? (again…and again…and..)…I want to do it!

Yes even managed to get him doing some seated rows with the very light band! it was so cute, wish I’d taken a photo

Mind you he wasn’t quite so cute when I was doing pushups and he kept slapping my stomach…apparently that was a great game.

I survived the workout but didn’t feel particularly good – so I went and had a lie down until it was time for the days excursion.

The next days workout was much better, I did feel stronger – probably because I’d actually bothered to eat before I did the workout – note to self NEVER EVER train on empty stomach. I don’t usually do that so I’m not quite sure why I did.

Training on empty stomach sucks – I seriously don’t know how people do it, all its going to do is burn muscle – two crap results for the price of one!

After 2 days of workout I had a day off J

Well I was on holiday!

But the day after I was so itching to train I had to find a gym…in Katoomba!

And my workout sucked…again. I couldn’t lift as heavy, I tired more easily, failed more easily and took forever to recover – whats going on?

Is it cos I hadn’t had my usual pre workout (Beta Alanine + L-Carnitine)? Is it cos I haven’t been chugging down the BCAA’s every drink I have and I’ve been off the Glutamine and Creatine for a week?

Whatever it was, I was crap…and I pulled up really sore for the next 3 days! I hardly ever get sore for 3 days in a row.

You know I’ve always been a bit sceptical of whether all these skin tearing monster pump preworkouts, and insta-grow massive muscle gain post workouts or purple flavoured juiceberry branch chains actually work – but whether the effect they have is real or purely psychological, my training session on holiday was crap, I was crap and I had specifically searched out a gym in the Blue Mountains just so I could train.

Where has my fitness gone?

Today cycling to work – its no more than 10 minutes and theres a teeny tiny slope uphill from Flinders Street to Collins Street  – 100m tops.


I was stuffed by the time I got to the top! My legs were dying, my heart was about to explode out of my chest – it took me a full red traffic light cycle to get some semblance of breath back.


I can’t believe training seems so hard all of a sudden!

Too much time in the good paddock methinks.

Oh well, holidays end tomorrow…Aiden will see to that…there won’t be any feathers tomorrow!



Love to hear your thoughts!

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