Caution…Construction Site!

its late, I’m tired but I’m absolutely itching to train! I’ve already trained today – extra session with Aiden as well so definitely not lightweight and I’ve been beaten up by both my physio and my massage guy – there’ll be plenty of bruises to show for that tomorrow!

I busted my arms today, to the point I could hardly pull my trackies on and yesterday we beat the hell out of my back – but I’m itching to train again.

Its brilliant!

I’m loving how my body is getting back on track with a vengence – its like it’s apologising for falling apart on me so I couldn’t compete this year and now its desperate to make up for lost time! I’m at the stage where if I miss a days training I can’t sit still because I’ve got too much energy- its like my body NEEDS to train now.

What a difference from just 2 months ago.

bring it on, I say 🙂

I’m still not quite back to where I was this time last year certainly not in the lifting and pressing department – still can’t do a flat bench press or full press ups, but we’re working hard and heavy on the bits of me that are working! My hammies are playing nice, my hips are behaving themselves, by elbow tendons are holding together and my glutes are so activated now that not only can the word ‘bubble’ be applied to my much larger butt, but we now can’t get any doms in my quaddies! bless them they do deserve a rest after 40 odd years of doing 3 times the work they should have been doing, but now I’m worried I’m going to lose my ‘award winning’ quad sweep – hence the addition of a new terrorist jacket and the steps!

I had a little tanty on Tuesday (legs day) when I was still feeling like I was about to throw up after a giant set – it got to about 2 minutes which is my usual rest time and I was still feeling shitty, so I cracked it at Aiden

I was like ‘I hate being so unfit – this is bullshit! Why haven’t I recovered yet?’

He just laughed at me and said ‘you’re not unfit. We’re squeezing an hour legs session into 45 minutes, I’m training you like the big boys, we’ve just giant setted the 3 biggest compound legs exercises there are…chill out, mad dog, if you’re able to get off the floor in under 5 minutes I’d be impressed!’

ok, thats all right then.

feel better already…and we still had 35 minutes to go…ouch!

I cycled very slowly with the cogs on the puny setting to work after that…

What I’m noticing the most is just how quickly my body is changing and healing now – 2 weeks ago I still couldn’t support myself on the roman chair, now 3 sets of 15 reps doing front and both sides is easy.

I’m getting ‘shin splint’s’ in my biceps after a single set – the physio thinks its compartment syndrome – the muscle fascia can’t expand quickly enough for the muscle growth!

I posted this photo up on FB a few weeks ago and thats just off 2 months training – I can’t believe its me, and just today Aiden was commenting again on how my back has grown.

I’ve now done as much proper heavy bodybuilding training for this year as I did last year in total and I’ve still got lots of improvement to come  once we can really get some work into my shoulders – its so exciting!

I’m eating really well too – ‘bulking’ I suppose – but I’m not that bulky…a dexa scan 3 weeks ago shows I’m sitting at a tidy 16% so its definitely not all fat!

Another odd thing I’m noticing is that after doing legs or back with Aiden in the morning  by about 11:30 I’m absolutely stuffed. I literally stop functioning. It’s like being on comp diet when you can feel your energy draining out of you as the last bit of whatever carbs you are allowed are used up.

It doesn’t matter what I eat, how much I eat PWO or how much coffee I have to try and stave off the crash – about 11:30 I just…stop and a nana nap in the ladies changing rooms is generally required!

On ‘Non Aiden’ days I train at 11:00 to make sure I manage to stay awake until lunchtime! 🙂

As Jay Cutler says ‘Eat Train and sleep at least 10 hours a day’

10 hours? I could sleep all 24 right now given half a chance!

Apparently this is what happens when your body is growing.

I can’t wait for next year!

47 weeks and counting…



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