Have I done some damage?

What is going on with my body???

I think I have got severe carb depletion going on – it’s 2:30 and for the last hour I have been struggling to stay awake!

I went outside to the corner shop to get an apple – without my jacket, hoping the cold would shock me awake and when I got back to my desk I ate the apple which managed to get me to 1:50 but by 2:10 I was asleep again! And I do mean asleep.


Now the apple is kicking in – I’m bloody boiling hot and going to have to take off a layer cos I’m beginning to sweat!


Hot spell over am awake again.

This happened at 11:30 as well – in fact 11:15 – 11:45 and 1:30 – 2:30 seem to be my bogey hours I’m just completely strung out and lacking in energy, then I get extremely hot and wake up

This pattern has been going on now for about the last week or so…at least, I’ve only noticed it in the last week or so..

I had such severe energy fluctuations last Wednesday I even kept a record of it!

I’m wondering whats changed to cause this from the previous 4 weeks. Since I came off the ADG type diet, I’ve switched back to my high protein low carb diet and I’ve been averaging about 50g carbs a day.

My macro breakdown has been: P 50.6%, F: 34.5%, C: 15%

Here is a comparison of my food macros:

pre ADG (Lindy Olsens eating rules, Feb – May):

ADG (5 weeks, May-Jun)

Post ADG (5 weeks, Jun-Jul)

You can clearly see just how radically different the ADG eating style is to my normal style. Post ADG I’ve been eating more good/essential fats to fix up the havoc wreaked by the ADG on my skin.

I haven’t been sleeping well for the last 6 weeks, as I’ve been so stressed about the magazine, but the amount of lack of sleep hasn’t changed – in fact if anything, I’ve been sleeping better in the last week than I have over the previous 5 weeks, so why am I only now getting the total energy crashes?

Even though I am progressing in my training, I’m only doing 2 heavy sessions a week and probably 2 other lighter sessions, but I have only been doing that for the last 2 weeks. I’m cycling over to Richmond 3 times a week (10k round trip). Is that really enough exercise to totally drain me? Surely not.

Or is there something else going on?

I’m actually going to the doctor tomorrow about my end of ADG experiment blood tests – my vitamin D is still low (caused by the ADG I might add, it was perfect…verging on high before I started this experiment) and apparently my liver function ‘is out’ to quote the doc – what that means I don’t know.

Just as an fyi heres a sample of my blood test results comparing pre ADG with ADG…some significant changes not for the better!

I’m interested to know why my vit D is still low – I’ve been deliberately eating high vit D foods – fish oil, salmon, sardines, mackerel, mushrooms, spinach, eggs. I know I had malabsorption of food whilst doing the ADG, as evidenced by 5 weeks of diarrhoea, and my skin turning to a dry red itchy scaly nightmare, but that all went away as soon as I got back onto my high protein clean eating routine and my digestive system has been functioning perfectly for the last 5 weeks – well I think it has…

Some interesting things about vitamin D deficiency…symptoms include low energy, fatigue and sleep irregularities…hmm…

Vitamin D is also a factor in weight loss. It is connected to insulin resistance and contributes to disorders such as metabolic syndrome and PCOS – could this be why, even though I’ve leaned down in my upper body post ADG, my last dexa scan shows I’ve put ON fat.

I did lose the ADG weight in about 2 weeks, but I had an odd week where despite not changing my diet at all and being incredibly clean, my weight shot up by 1.5kg…in a week!

Now that did coincide with the first really heavy training session I did, so it could be fluid being sucked into underused muscles, but the weight hasn’t come off in the last 3 weeks despite the fact that I’m doing some real exercise now at least 4 days a week and have been so clean with my food…or isit still fluid?

On the scales my weight is back up at ADG levels, but my clothes are telling a very different story – I’ve lost the fat around my middle and butt that arrived during the ADG phase and can fit into my pants again!

Week6 – end of adg


week 10 – end of clean eating


In my upper body I’ve got really good definition because I’m so lean and I do appear to have put on size – maybe its just muscle memory and increased fluid storage in my muscle, but I am really looking solid again…almost like a figure competitor…



Uh oh – hot spell!


Back to warm again. Time to eat.

Where was I?

The only conclusion I can reach is that I have screwed up my metabolism by doing this experiment – switching from the high protein, low carb routine into the total opposite, then switching back again all in the space of 11 weeks. Going from meat and veg one day to bread, dairy and cereal the next with no slow re-introduction or phasing in/out of foods is probably not a good idea…its certainly one I will NOT be repeating…ever.




I’ve only just finished eating 10 mins ago it can’t possibly have digested yet!

At least I’m awake for the moment!

To continue with my conclusion!

…throw in not sleeping, stress and starting heavy training maybe I’ve pushed things a little too far… I thought I was going to be doing a fun little test to satisfy my own curiosity, but have I actually done some damage?

Will see what the doc says tomorrow!


Love to hear your thoughts!

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