The Sex Issue!

Oh come on…every magazine or diary has some sex in it somewhere…and it’s been a long time coming in this diary that’s for sure!

And the last one come to think of it….

Anyway, I digress…

So why now? What has set this off…is it some crazy new career change I’m making?

No, it’s just that for the last 2 weeks I’ve been completely horny! Yep, that’s right the merest hint of testosterone in the air…

Ok, you don’t need to know this….and besides you might have been eating.

So all of a sudden I have a libido again…it didn’t really occur to me that I haven’t had one for a while, me being single ‘n’ all – haven’t really required one :-p

apparently its been on a looong holiday and now its back….

So where did it go and why is it back all of a sudden? I don’t know, but what I think has happened is that by gaining 2.5kg of weight in the last 5 weeks whilst doing the ADG I must have got to some crucial threshold of fat levels that my body now thinks its safe for me to have children…is my body stupid or something? a mini me? Ye Gods! The world is not ready for a mini me!! Hell I’m not ready for a mini me….the mind boggles…!

Anywho… even though I weigh about 3kg less than I did at Christmas I was still at about 9% body fat back then. Since then however I’ve lost about 5kg of muscle and my body fat has gone up by 5% – 2%in just the last 5 weeks. This last 2% means I’m probably at about 15% overall, but crucially the weight that I’ve gained in the last 5 weeks has all gone on my stomach and thighs (goddamit!)…there’s a reason for the expression child bearing hips…

And then I got round to thinking about metabolic damage  (tangential!) did I have some metabolic damage from competing? I didn’t think I did because I didn’t lose my menses at all, not once, for the whole 7 weeks of competition and I got down to 5% bf.

But maybe I did have some md and it has only now just rectified itself.

What I find more interesting about this is that I had my thyroid, liver and kidney functions all checked at the start of the ADG, and they were all perfect. But should I have had my oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels tested as well? Would that have shown up anything? Nicole Wilkins trainer recommends getting a full blood panel before and after competing just to make sure – do any of you do this? Do any of you worry about what you might be doing to your body by competing?

I do…

So my question is, if my body has just got back to normal am I going to damage it by cutting down again so soon? I just started comp diet this week, will I get adrenal fatigue if I continue?

Should I be concerned? I dont know the answer to this..

Maybe instead I should not worry about it, just get the itch, scratched and enjoy it while it lasts!



Love to hear your thoughts!

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