Game On!

Well it seems like AGES since I last wrote anything but in reality its only been 11 days! 11 days of insane amazing things going on in my life – here’s just a few of them:

Oxygen Magazine have invited me to write up Victorian Competitions for their website (yay!), I’ve started coaching my physio with her eating and nutrition, I’ve hired 4 people to work for me writing articles and publishing my blogs, I’ve had a major meltdown regarding this ‘eating healthy according the the Australian Dietary Guidelines’ experiment I’m doing on myself and have decided to end the guidelines part of it early because its ruining my health, as of now I’m back to being a nutrivore as Josh says so I can fix up my health…and Australian Iron Man Magazine want to interview me about the experiement!

I have an even bigger project in the pipeline, but I can’t talk about it yet because it’s so new and so huge I just don’t know if I can pull it off – and yes it does involve writing…I did say in a blog back in March that I wanted to be a FitX with a tag around my neck that read ‘Media’… this space.

and best of all….

I’m back in training!!!


Can I just say that again…its soo exciting!

I’m back in training!!!

Only 3 times a week and I can’t lift heavy yet, but I am training. I have missed it so much.

I can’t describe how good it feels to get some work into my muscles – its amazing to feel the blood pumping into my muscles and get that burn happening, I can feel the muscle fibres soaking up the blood and adrenaline and demanding more  – its like a drug!

And I have pulled up sore – good sore – muscle sore, not injury sore, and in just 2 weeks I have noticed changes, improvements, progress – I didn’t believe Aiden when he talked about muscle memory and how quickly it would come back – but its true.

I even managed a dumbell shoulder press yesterday – only 3kg, but I completed 3 sets of shoulder presses with only minimal pain.

Aiden is as excited as I am, he’s been just as frustrated with how long its taken – both of us are champing at the bit to get some real training into me, but we have to temper that enthusiasm for a while longer until we know what my body can handle…

and when we out! Mad Dog will be Back

Bring on September…

Comp Prep starts on Monday.

Game On!

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