Filex Sydney 2012 (v2)

Yes it is version 2. I almost never get to version 2 of any blog post I write – I generally sit down and write whenever the idea appears, as it is, in the moment, and I post. If for some reason I don’t post it right away then I generally don’t post it – because the moment has passed, it wasn’t meant to be.

But Filex gets a second chance – why?

Because its personal.

Filex represents a new start and a return to the start – a coming full circle. It marks a transition from the outer to the inner –  a whole journey has happened in a Filex year – my other blogs Fat To Fantastic and So You Think You want To Be A Figure Competitor capture some of that journey, and this blog is continuing on from where they left off.

So what happened to version 1 of Filex? This time I thought I’d try a different approach – after I’d gone through my millions of photos, I thought I would try writing a really good objective piece that outlined all the activities, the displays, the clothing, the products on offer (the freebies! go on…admit it…you like a good freebie too!), the entertainment – crossift games, the INBA Sydney Titles, the MMA and boxing ring, the challenges for prizes on the equipment stands and the difficulty of narrowing down the choices from the ‘too many seminars, lectures and demonstrations to pack into just 3 days’. But it just didn’t work – I couldn’t get into it and I found plenty of excuses and other things that were suddenly more important – seeing how many ‘likes’ and comments I was getting on my photos on FB for instance!


so I’ve gone back to being me and here is version 2.

Filex. Its an odd name really – FitX makes more sense for a FITness eXpo, but where does Filex come from?

I didn’t even know it existed until last year, but its the biggest Health and Fitness Conference and Exhibition in the Southern Hemisphere!  I had no idea!

Have I been hiding under a rock all this time?

Well no, you see what you have in your life depends on what you are focused on at the time. 2 1/2 years ago I was focusing on having a good time and we all know where that led me!  This time in 2010 I was utterly focused (obsessed??) on climbing Mt Kilimanjaro – so training for that became my life, and a happy accident of that was a complete body transformation. This time last year a run of bad things and I tipped into depression, but it was finding the lump in my armpit that really brought my overall health – both mental and physical sharply into focus.

And that is when I came across Filex…on the day it started! snap decision time – I couldn’t make it for the Saturday so Sunday it had to be – 10 minutes later flights booked and I was going!.

And I had a blast! I had no idea it would be so big and I was there abng on 9:30 waiting for the doors to open – and I was on a mission. I was goingg to to meet Michelle Bridges and Shannon Ponton from the Biggest Loser – I had questions that needed answers, I was determined to meet as many of the Oxygen magazine covergirls as possible and talk a few things over with them – completely by coincidence I was sat next to Mr Australia Rohan Ried on the plane up to Sydney and uncharacteristically for me I got chatting to him on the plane (I never talk to people on planes!) . I set out to take in as much as I possibly could and I succeeded, in spades!

Michelle Bridges was brilliant – I started to ask her my question and to my horror I burst into tears! in front of the whole queue! how embarrasing..but she was great, gave me some sound advice and I fled. Then later when I went to listen to Michelle speak, all of a sudden she was clambering through and over the seats, working her way towards me and in front of everyone she said ‘I felt I just had to come and give you a hug’ and she did. I almost burst into tears again! Nicky Jankovic was very sweet and spent ages telling me how she got started in the business, I met Lindy Olsen for the first time and I had my photo taken with Jamie Eason – she’s so cute! Jamie was the one who encouraged me to entered the Oxy Mag Covergirl Comp and paid me the massive complement of saying I almost looked like one of them anyway – I was looking good, I knew that, but for Jamie to say it meant so much more. I was stoked and by the time I flew home I was exhausted but buzzing and the next day was when I booked the photoshoot that has turned out to be the catalyst for my life heading in new and completely unexpected directions.

Jamie Eason Filex sydney

So Filex this year had big shoes to fill and again it succeeded. I had an excellent time. I think the toughest thing was choosing which lectures to go to  – what an amazing choice! there really was something for everyone in all aspects of the health and fitness industry – How are you supposed to narrow down such a lot of interesting and useful information to just a handful??? I decided in the end that my priorities were fixing my injuries and soaking up every last bit of information about body composition and weight loss/management that I could find. And the lectures were good. I had 3 that specifically dealt with lower body rehab, which may seem a little like overkill, but having reached the conclusion that resting my body and not training at all isn’t working, injections of all sorts of things is merely treating symptoms I need to find the root cause of this cascade of injuries. Fix the cause and the rest should fall into line and that meant finding out everything I could about hip and leg function.  I learnt tests for hip stability, glute functionality, running technique testing and most importantly some rehab techniques that focused on activating glutes, overcoming quad and adductor dominance, stressed hammies and hips.

In one of the sessions when the speaker wanted to illustrate how to check for inactive glutes, he asked if anyone had a flat bum – so I stood up…and he said I was ‘a perfect illustration’. bugger.

Right plan G needs to be activated. So I decided to start applying the practical information that learnt – and its working! I talked it over with Aiden on Thursday, we tried out a few things and for the first time I have DOMS in my VMO and Glutes but NOT my hammies! Perfect!

I’m going to keep working at this for the next month and if it starts showing results I’m really hoping I can get back to training in a few weeks…pleeeaaase work, I want to get back into training!

So in between lecture breaks I spent a lot of time at the Fitness Expo – again so much to see and the crowds were huge! People were queueing for miles to get in – check this out!

The show itself took up a full 4 halls and there was not a spare space to be had anywhere!

Filex Sydney 2012Filex Sydney 2012 BrasilfitFilex Sydney 2012

There were clothing stands, equipment stands, supplement stands, business stands, finance advice stands, education stands, training course stands,

Filex Sydney 2012

natural food, whole food, clean food and alkaline food stands…

Paulo Freitag Alkaline SuperFoodsPaulo Freitag Alkaline FoodsChobani Yoghurt David Halil

there were fitness demonstrations, with willing (and unwilling!) members of the crowd being roped in for their chance to raise a bit of a sweat,

Filex Sydney 2012Filex Sydney 2012

there were challenges for prizes – Musashi had people scrambling up rope ladders hanging from the ceiling…and its high!

Musashi SupplementsMusashi Supplements

Lorna Jane I think must have been on every womans list of must do stands – it was heaving!

Lorna Jane Filex Sydney 2012, Lorna Jane Activewear, Lorna Jane Fitness Clothing

There were activity stages – the Strength Stage where the INBA Sydney Titles were being held, the Crossfit area with the Corssift Games

and the MMA and Boxing ring were all big crowd pullers

MMA FilexMMA FilexCrossfit FilexCrossfit FilexCrossfit FilexCrossfit Filex

I went straight to the Strength stage where the INBA Sydney Titles were in progress. There was a good crowd so I squeezed in as close as I could get and started clicking away taking photos. I have to say I was a bit disappointed with the lineups – most were small, 5-6 people on stage, the standard across all female categories was very mixed. The bikini girls exhibited a huge difference in levels of leaness to the point where some could almost be described as ‘cuddly’!  There was only one competitor in the Open Physique (figure) category so it was merged with the Intermediate category. In the Intermediate category there were competitors with beautiful symmetry but no size or leaness, competitors with amazing leaness with no size and some in between – tough gig for the judges!

The novice winner was a standout – she definitely deserved to win, not only did she have the best physique but she was also had the best posing and exuded a calm confidence that really shone. Good win.

INBA Sydney Titles

And something i noticed was that it seems like the INBA prefer the leaner look. Good. This works well for me.

I also wanted to see my friend Amanda compete in the Sportsmodel category. Amanda has followed a similar route to me – losing a lot of weight and finally making the decision to step on stage and this was only her second show, and she got a call out. I was very pleased for her – Unfortuantely I didn’t see the end of the sportsmodels aas I had to fly home

heres amanda:

Amanda Weekes MeVstheBulgeAmanda Weekes MeVstheBulge

After the sportsmodels were finished, I suddenly realised I was hungry. I had plenty of food in my bag – spinach, cucumber, broccoli, raw carrots, steamed green beans…

hmm…you know what maybe I should go and check out the product stands, you never know there might be a new gluten free protein bar or shake and well I need some Branch chains…ok product hopping it is!

Right next to the strength stage was Alkaline Superfoods, and my friend Paulo – I’m a big fan of the cookbook – and he has a new range of alkaline protein out – protein powders and protein breaks down to an acid base so how can this be? I had to try it – there was interesting flavours – cinnamon and vanilla, banana and chocolate and peanut butter – Sorry Paulo I still don’t like the chocolate and peanut butter! my favourite was the cinnamon and vanilla.

After Paulo, I headed to Red back – I did a lot of ‘research’ at their stand at FitX in Melbourne, but I thought I just needed to validate my conclusions…just in case… 🙂

next up there were some organic gluten free low carb bars and then I notice hidden away in a corner – a caravan…

whats a caravan doing at a fitness expo?? Chobani yoghurt.

Now I do love my greek yoghurt and berries – and it was the only thing about comp diet that I missed. The trouble is since comp diet, dairy really hasn’t agreed with me – I talked about it in my post ‘Off Season Plan‘ – it makes my lips look like Lindsay Lohan after a bad bout of botox!

Hmm…but its all natural ingredients…no artificial sweeteners…and theres a blueberry version!  (and plenty of others!)

Ok I’m sold – how can I go past blueberry greek yoghurt?


thick,creamy, fresh not too sweet … disappeared before I even realised I’d opened the tub!



how I’ve missed my yoghurt and berries!

AND even better – NO LINDSAY LOHAN effect! yay! I think I’ve just got dairy back in my diet!  WooHoo!!

I got a box of it! 😛

just in case I got hungry on the plane journey home…

Chobani Yoghurt

Happy with a surprise find, it was time to head back to the strength stage to check out the new category that the INBA have introduced this year

Male Fitness Models…

I approve!

DEFINITELY a good move – well done INBA!! 🙂

Lets just say, I was pretty happy where I was….


ok Sarah…concentrate! put tongue away….

er…where was I ?

oh yes, so once I’d mopped up the drool I think I was just about done. it was time to head home.

I came, I saw, I photographed, I ‘researched’, I learnt. I implemented.


Who cares why its called that – I had a blast, and I’ll be back there next year… maybe I’ll even be up on stage…

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