Mission Impossible?

For those of you who were at Filex – did you learn lots? Is your brain fried? Or are you fired up with lots of new ideas and great information?

How hard was it to choose what lectures to attend with so much on offer?!?

I’d completely forgotten what I had chosen and when I registered I had to laugh – all my seminars involved either rehab for legs or a body composition/weight loss theme – very pertinent! and very important, I obviously had a mission in mind when I made my choices!

Mission Injury Source.

Mission Impossible? well, not necessarily!

I think I may have got to the root cause of all my injuries and why they’re not healing…

my butt doesn’t work!

or more precisely my gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus are switched off…completely.

Not a quiver, not a twitch and as a result my poor hamstrings and hip flexors are overloading themselves doing the work that my lazy butt muscles should be doing and the poor things are exhausted!  Then throw on top of that adductors and quads being waay too strong and you’ve got one out of whack set of legs and hips!

So what  was the key? Ever heard of the Trendelenberg Sign? No neither had I..until this weekend and then I heard it…lots.

And I failed it. Completely.

Basically this test is used for runners and it shows how strong your glutes are…or not…in my case.

I was advised never to run…at least until I’d got my butt working – no worries there, running is probably the one exercise I’ve ALWAYS hated doing!

In another seminar we tried another test – lie prone on the floor and lift your leg. Now the order the muscle should fire is: Glutes, Hammies, Back…mine went something like this:




and this is one of the rehab exercises I’ve been trying to do for the last 2 months and I STILL can’t do it!

In the same seminar, the speaker asked for ‘flat bum’ people…guess who was the flat bum model…yep, yours truly.

What does the flat bum indicate? Glute Amnesia!

So all this points to non functional glutes and everything else that should just be stabiliser muscles are acting as the primary worker muscles…no wonder they’re buggered and screaming out for a bit of help!

So Operation Gluteus Functionus is about to begin.

Tomorrow I am going to go through every single glute isolation exercise Aiden knows about and we are going to try every sinlge one of them until we can come up with a set that do not involve my hammies in any way shape or form.

Another area of imbalance that became clear is my overdominant quads and adductors and non existent VMO – all of which result in my knees dropping inwards when I squat. To fix that I need to get my abductors and VMO working by standing with my feet together, tying a theraband tightly around my knees, then standing with my feet hip width apart and THEN doing my sets of squats – this will work the external hip rotators, abductors, VMO  and glutes like you wouldn’t believe.

Wakey Wakey Glutes! You’ve got 42 years of catch up work about to hit you….

Mission Impossible?

I believe it may just turn out to be mission accomplished..

Love to hear your thoughts!

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