Personal Trainer Profile – Aiden Baker

Today I thought I’d turn the spotlight onto my trainer – Aiden Baker.

Aiden has been a PT for 10 years and has trained clients at all levels of ability from people getting started, to obese people, people who are working through serious rehab all the way up to elite level athletes and bodybuilders. I am the first female bodyubuilder he has trained

Why did you become a Personal Trainer?

I wanted to spread the knowledge that I had already gained from years of training, I wanted to help people (as cheesy as this sounds!) lose weight and achieve their fitness goals because I saw so many people going about it the wrong way

What is the best part of being a Personal Trainer

Helping people to achieve their goals and seeing people’s bodies change – especially people who have been training for years with no results and going about it the wrong way with regards to diet as well. They come and see you,  get radical changes in as little as 4-6 weeks – that’s definitely very rewarding

What does it take to be a successful Personal Trainer?

Hmm…Big question (laughing)  (are you a successful pt?) :-p  The best, I train the best…Sarah Taylor (tongue in cheek!)

Ok, Knowledge is very important, being a well rounded person, getting along well with different people is very important because you do have to deal with a lot of interesting personalities… being able to push people but at the same time being understanding to everyone’s different goals… also in the same thing as knowledge I think a good nutritional understanding is very important because without if you can’t help your client with their nutrition they will be less likely to achieve their goals. 80% of it…diet.

What is/are your speciality (ies)?

Hypertophy – muscle and strength gain, Plyometric training, definitely nutrition, weight loss, Kids…boxing, elite performance conditioning… 

How do you motivate your clients to achieve their goals?

Everyone’s very different, there’s not one motivation technique that works for one person or the other, some people respond well to the… shouting and yelling..let me rephrase that! Bootcamp style technique


but its more about building rapport. Become their friend and then you can find what pushes their buttons, some people respond better to a little chat, some respond best to that serious bootcamp style being ordered to do something

So how do you motivate Sarah?

Sarah is very in between,  she’s very mentally strong herself and has a very good understanding of herself, but still every now and then she needs a little pep talk because I think she gets a little bit…‘lost’ along the way sometimes (laughing).  

she takes a bit of everything sometimes I need to have a chat others times it’s the kick up the arse… 🙂

What is your life’s philosophy, what values or ideals do you live by?

(pulls face) That’s a pretty heavy one! Lets come back to that one

(take 2)

Do right by others, I like to have fun, I stick up for what I believe in, I also like to say just do it – lifes too short to worry about things – if you want something just go out and do it.

Whats  your favourite training and why?

I do really enjoy plyometric training because its something I’m naturally very good at – explosive stuff, fast twitch fibres – I was always good at that as a kid – I went to state level for Queensland for sprinting. Now, because its getting me such good results I’m enjoying hypertrophy training…and cardio..distance…I’m good at everything! (laughing!)

How do you structure your training?

I’m 100% ectomorph –  naturally very skinny, so I structure my training around hypertrophy based training.

 I do a big split chest/bi, back/tri, legs by themselves, shoulders by themselves, calves by themselves – all the weak points by themselves.

I don’t spend too much time on bi’s or tri’s, I just do primarily big compound movements and my arms respond well to that. I don’t really want them any bigger – they’re already bigger than my calves! 🙂

Ok, enough about you :-p

We’ve heard Sarah’s 1st impressions of you, what were your 1st impressions of Sarah?

My 1st impressions of Sarah were interesting, because I obviously had a preconceived idea of what she would be like. Sarah was referred to me by one of her friends and I’d heard quite a bit about her. But  in the first session, those ideas went completely out of the window – I thought she’d be very…er…young and immature from everything I’d heard…act quite immature…you can re-word this! :-p

Even in the first session she came across as the polar opposite – very mentally strong, a strong woman who had her life… seemed like she had her life in control …(I burst into laughter here!) – no, you really did! as funny as it sounds you really did!

Just a very strong, mentally very strong person who knew what she wanted and knew what she wanted from me…confident.

What do you like and/or dislike about training Sarah?

There honestly isn’t any real dislikes…maybe the fact at the start when we first started training, even though I knew what she was doing, she questioned me a lot – but I knew it was for the right reasons – she was very inquisitive. so I find that interesting…when people ask a lot of really detailed questions (dumb questions?) no, not dumb questions, there’s some people who just come and go through the motions and its easier because you don’t have to think about it as much…you keep me on my toes!

The like? she is willing to do anything I say, she trains her arse off,  she always pushes – if I say do 4 more reps, she always does or tries to do 4 more reps even if I have to pick her off the floor. She’s very motivated, and strong which is a big positive and probably why she’s achieved so much so quickly

Is there a particular type of training that you feels works best for Sarah?

She’s definitely a mesomorph/endomorph – she puts on muscle easily but also fat, so hypertrophy works well, heavy weights, 8-12 rep range.

Although when our goals were different at the start and we were doing more HIIT training her body responded well to that too and she lost a lot of weight, so I suppose it depends on what her goal is. If her goal is to be lean and muscular then definitely hypertrophy, 8-12 rep range, heavy weights supersets, drops sets – any way to build up lots of lean muscle will work.

How has Sarah changed over the course of the year?

Physically? she was soft and now shes hard! (laughing)

(hey!!! I was not soft, I’d just got back from Kilimanjaro!)

you’ve put on a lot of lean muscle…this is a hard one too, your body has changed so much in so may different ways as we’ve had such different goals

Where do you see this journey going?

Number 1 baby!  Number 1 in the world!

(miss Olympia?), yep Miss Olympia!  (hahaha.. genuinely how far do you think I could go with the bodybuilding?)

Seriously if Sarah can get her troublesome shoulders sorted and the rest of her body that is not working at the moment, there’s no stopping her. As we all know,  one of the biggest things in this industry is mental strength and Sarah’s got that in spades. She’s genetically got the potential to put on a lot of muscle, so I suppose she can take this wherever she wants…it depends where she wants to go – I’m prepared to go there with her, alter the training and push you as far..we can go anywhere as long as we can get your shoulders sorted and build up your upper body…

 big big potential ..big time…cos that’s the only thing that you were lacking last year…you had the pins.. you had everything, you had the shape in your upper body, the symmetry but you were lacking a bit of upper body size and that was down to the fact that we didn’t have enough time to build up much muscle in your upper body for one and the fact your shoulders were restricting the movements we could do


ok back to you

If you weren’t a Personal Trainer what would you be?

I would be a superhero  (hahaha -which one?) Batman – because he helps the innocent

List 3 of your best personality traits

Understanding…when I need to be! I like to think I’m funny – have a good sense of humour, well rounded…is well rounded a personality trait? (I guess so) ok extremely well rounded :-p

List 5 goals on your lifes to do list.

Another big one! Its good I never usually think about these things. I’ve done the 2nd biggest bungee in the world in Interlaken, Switzerland so I want to do the biggest naturally, which is in South Africa.


and taking a leaf out of Sarah’s book I’d like to climb some kind of mountain …maybe one that’s not too hard!  (what about the inca trail?), yeah Inca Trail would be amazing, but I would like to do something that’s a little bit more intense…Kilimanjaro…something that’s not too crazy though! :-p

Race motor bikes.

 I also want to do the Hawaiian iron man but that’s a bit unrealistic at the moment  (why?)  well, at this stage of my life I’m not training anything to do with that so I’d die  before I even did the swim leg!  but say maybe mid 30’s I might start training towards something like that.

Who motivates or inspires you?

I don’t know anyone…(?) seriously – I really don’t. I guess one person who motivates me is my brother – we’re very close and we’re always in stiff competition with each other, but as far as inspiring there isn’t anyone I aspire to be like.

What makes you laugh?

Funny animal videos on youtube (saddo!), I don’t know

What makes you angry?

Cruelty. Meanness,  cruelty to anything innocent whether it be a child or an animal – that Kony thing upsets me right now

What is the most rewarding experience you’ve had and what made it so?

Hmmm…I don’t know, I really don’t know (bungee jump maybe?) yeah…that’s not really rewarding, oh I suppose because it was one of my fears… I was afraid of heights. I don’t know really – maybe I’ve got really high standards?  I don’t really think about these sort of things – I just go and do it.

What would I find in your refrigerator right now?

Ice cream..chocolate… :-p

I’m a creature of habit, very boring, I stock up on lean meats during the week, so I eat a lot ocean trout for dinner, chicken for lunch, salads.. I don’t have anything in the house that tempts me.

How do I elaborate on this? its very boring!

I eat clean, a healthy diet minimal carbs, no rice or pasta – I like to practice what I preach, be the example my clients can aspire to

If you could trade places with any other person for a week who would that be?

Casey stoner – because its something I’d never ever get a chance to do – ride one of those GP bikes…that’s full on adrenalin and fun and the reason I would enjoy it, is that it gets me away from the gym too – everything else in my life soo revolves around the gym and this would feel like the ultimate freedom, going out there and having fun on a bike is something completely different

If you knew today was your last day on earth how would you spend it and why?

I’d probably go to Ducati and buy a Ducati 1198…no, actually I’d steal one…why not? And then I’d go ride it in the mountains and wait for the asteroid to hit

and to finish up, do you have a favourite quote?

You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore  (Christopher Columbus)

Aiden Baker – this is your life :-p

Thanks for your time and insights… :-p


Love to hear your thoughts!

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