Knit one, Tear one!

I’ve had 3 sessions now with Rosie and she is cranking me through the rehab exercises – which is great, exactly what I wanted especially after reading the official rehab brochure I got given after surgery which indicated that I couldn’t expect to do any real work for at least 6 months and preferably 12!

Mind you as Aiden suspected these brochures are of a very general nature, and Rosie just laughed when she read it. This is how she explained just how basic it was:

week 1-4 – sit your client down on the chair

Week 4-6 – introduce yourself to your client

Week 6-8 – explain to your client what a physio is and what a physio does

ok, so we’re definitely not following the official advice 🙂

When I saw Rosie on Monday she was really pleased with my progress, so much so, that she said I could add in extremely light bicep and tricep exercises!


but then I just thought I’d mention that I’d been having some pain in my hammy for the last 3 months and my left elbow was constantly aching despite not having trained arms for nearly 2 months now, I wanted her to check it just in case on the slight off chance that something might not be quite right…


After poking and prodding around and a bit of stretching and manipulation Rosie pronounced that it could be a Hamstring Tendonopathy (torn hamstring tendon), and tennis AND golf elbow.



thats going to take months to fix 😦

So you can imagine the conversation I had at training the following day!

A: so hows the shoulders?

me: doing well – range of motion is improving,  they’re not so sore now and I’m doing rotator cuff strengthening on both sides now.

A: Excellent, lets get stuck into legs then

me: weeellll not so fast…

that stopped Aiden in his tracks and he looked at me in growing horror

me: do you want the good news or the bad news?

A: (reluctantly…) bad news?

me: Well you know how I’ve been saying that my hammy has been bothering me for a while… 

A: (stunned mullet look)

me: well I may have torn the tendon

A: tell me you’re joking

me: nah. seeing the sports doc tomorrow

I’ve never seen Aiden at a loss for what to do training wise…until now. I mean I can’t do shoulders, back,  glutes or hammies – no pressing, lifting, squatting, lunging, rowing, pulling or pushing – doesn’t leave much to build a training session around!

me: the good news is that I can do very very light bicep, tricep work and single arm rows..

A: (recovered from the shock), ok we can continue with Leg extensions, then we’ll string together some upper body stuff to get some movement going, that will help with the recovery as well. Then I’m officially telling you to chill out mad dog. Back off and let your body recover.


me: ok. 

So I’m pretty much completely out of action now, my body is not handling the building part of the equation at all right now –  its not really handling any sort of training right now!

Surprisingly I’m not overly upset about this – its a setback of course, but better now whilst I’m already in rehab than in 6 months time.

I need more information. I’ll get ultrasounds on the elbow and hammy and see what that turns up. I’m hoping that I’ve caught both of these issues early and that there is something that can be done that will fix it whilst I’m still in rehab phase for my shoulders.

I’m not going to panic or get stressed about it… just yet!

and in the mean time maybe I can take up lawn bowls…

or knitting!



Love to hear your thoughts!

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