Morning Mojo

you know very often when I set out to write about something it morphs into something else. I was heading off to training this morning and it was such a beautiful morning I just had to share it with you!  I love my journey to training, why? well usually I cycle to the gym and my route takes me around the botanical gardens where I can hear the clear ringing call of the bell birds, then I head along the river which in spring is lined with trees in their fresh baby green leaves, in the summer its cool and shady, on a clear cold still autumn morning the low lying mist curls around my bike spokes and in winter there is silent patience of the sleeping trees. Then I cycle through probably one of the best sporting precincts in the world – past the MCG backlit by the rising sun, Rod Laver Arena, Olympic Park, the Lexus Centre and the Bubble stadium (AAMI Park) – I see the Collingwood boys dragging themselves to training, the Storm boys already running drills, I think of  the all the sporting triumphs and excellence that these stadiums have witnessed over the years…

it really wakes me up and energises me and I generally arrive at the gym raring to go.

But now cycling is off the list, but it doesn’t mean that my journey to training is any less special…now I walk along Southbank watching the multi coloured lights of the city skyline reflecting in the river, the avenue of trees all lit up, the trams over Princes bridge, the arts centre spire and the MGG backlit by the rising sun – Southbank is usually busy, bustling and vibey, its got the cafes, the bars, the restaurants, the crowds, the craft markets and the street entertainers. Its a throughfare, a place to hang out, the parkour’er practice here… its my backyard.

But the best bit about my walk into the city and the reason I love training so early? Having the whole place to myself… 🙂

Do you love your journey to training? what gets you awake and firing?


Love to hear your thoughts!

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