if you think this is about motivation and things like that well…not really. I mean, you’re probably all incredibly highly motivated people anyway and know what motivates you,  so you don’t need me to tell you how to motivate yourselves…unless you want me to of course! :-p

No, what I’m talking about is how I apply myself to something and what happens next….

In general, when I do something thats worth doing then I give it everything – all in, 100% commitment thats me…like climbing  Mt Kilimanjaro – I overtrained ridiculously, but nothing was going to get in my way and nothing was going to stop me. Competing..once the decision was made, it was made and I was going to do everything it took to get on stage no matter what – hang the cost, stuff the pain, practice, practice, practice on the posing, follow the diet to the letter, get the best bikini, tan, hair and nails it all had to be…100%

and apparently I also give 100% to things that are NOT worth doing…lets just say I did a REALLY good job of screwing up my shoulders…

I saw the surgeon today for my right shoulder post surgery follow up so here’s what I managed to do..

the official word on the left shoulder was:

Left shoulder pasta lesion, impingement and AC joint arthritis

this required:

arthroscopy, rotator cuff debridement, subacromial decompression and bursectomy, ac joint excision

the official diagnosis on the right shoulder:

Partial thickness supraspinatus tear, subacromial bursitis, AC joint arthritis

which required:

arthroscopic cuff debradement, subacromial decompression, bursectomy and ac joint excision. My right rotator cuff though is in perfect condition! how I’m not quite sure, which is amazing given all the other stuff that was going on!

So they’ve trimmed the supraspinatus, trimmed the bursitis, cut off the bony spur and cut off the end of the acromium joint completely(!) – apparently only elite athletes need one of those anyway???

isn’t bodybuilding an elite sport? aren’t I going to need that bit for overhead lifting??? apparently not.

doh! Maybe I should have got them to implant a ‘sensible’ chip whilst they were there!

Time for gory photos! 🙂

look away if you’re sqeamish!

last chance…

ok here goes:

Supraspinatus tear

Supraspinatus tidied

Gross Bursitis

Acromium joint screwed

Acromium Joint cleaned de-spurred


Rotator cuff

its not pretty is it?

hopefully its now 100% fixed!




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