A Physio’s worst nightmare…



today was my 1st appointment with my rehab physio. I’ve found a high performance group called Essperformance who specialise in sports  injury rehab/conditioning/performance training etc and they have all the latest gadgets like far infra red lasers, hyperbaric chambers, ice baths all the stuff you see the AFL, NRL, A League teams using to rehab their injured players, so I’m fairly confident they’ll be the right people to get me back on track in the minimum amount of time. My Physio, Rosie is herself an elite athlete – an Ironwoman! Interestingly she wrecked her arm and shoulder a few years ago and her surgeon was the same guy as who did my shoulders so if anyone is going to understand  what needs to be done rehab wise to get fixed and back into training, it should be Rosie.

Having said that, of course there is a caveat as with any rehab, the rehabee has to do the rehaber instructs them to do…



I’m already in the dog house at my 1st visit! when I told my physio that I’d been at training all week and had even done some hill sprints on Monday…only 5 days after surgery with my arm in a sling. She almost had heart failure!

Apparently I haven’t even recovered from the anaesthetic yet…it will be at least another week before it gets out of my system – really?who knew that??? I feel totally fine!

trouble is I then went and compounded her horror by telling her that I had taken myself off the painkillers because they sent me to sleep. In a funny sort of way I’d rather feel the pain – its not overly bad, in fact I’d go as far as to say its already better than it has been all of last year! But if I can feel the pain then I won’t be tempted to use my arms…sounds a reasonable sort of logic to me…

Rosie, however, was not happy and made it VERY clear that my body is actually in a fairly fragile state  that I absolutely must respect if I want this to work. She then proceeded to explain about 100 exercises, half of which I’ve forgotten already that I had to perform every day, 3 times a day, 3 sets of 10 reps of each..its going to take about 2 hours a day! and she was worried about me doing a mere 45 minutes of legs once a day….?

so this is what I have to do:

Cardio – I am officially banned from doing anything strenuous…gentle walking only or the recumbent bike. Rosie then went on to say that I could do the stepper or cross trainer, but this is the bit that I didn’t get – I’m not allowed to jolt my arms, which is why no running..or hill sprints! but trying to stabilise myself on either the stepper or cross trainers is going to require that…I use my arms….hmmm…

Range of Movement  – 3 sets of 10

Forward flexor – hold a pole parallel to the ground with both hands. Use one hand to move the other hand in a vertical arc in front of me

Side Abduction – hold pole parallel to the ground with both hands. Elbows tucked in to sides. Use one hand to push the other hand outwards to 45 degrees – standard rotator cuff movement.

External rotation – doh! already forgotten what this one involves!

Lying on my back arms by my sides try an move arms in an arc above my head and touch the ground behind my head

Lying on my back try to put my hands under my head with my elbows vertically in the air. Try and rotate elbows out to the side of my head and down to touch the floor.

Strength (Left arm only) – 3 sets of 10

Holding 1kg in hand, shrug the trapezius muscle only make sure scapular is retracted and set – hold each shrug for 10 seconds

Tie a flat theraband to a door handle. elbow tucked into side forearm at 90 degrees parallel to the floor. side step until there is tension on the band and hold for 10 seconds. side step back.

Repeat in the opposite direction.

Advance to rotator cuff movements.

Set scapular backwards and down hold for 10 seconds

thats the lot – for the moment!

and here’s me in acti0n!

My next appointment is in 5 days, by which time I will have had my follow up appointment with the surgeon for my right arm so hopefully I’ll have the other set of gory photos – and them I can share them with you!!

lucky you!



Love to hear your thoughts!

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