Post Op Progress

I’ve been a little slack lately about reporting in, not sure why…I’m sure I could blame Christmas shopping or something like that but I did most of that online! 🙂 the beauty of the family being overseas…not having to dash into town last minute and fighting my way through the madness and mayhem of the rest of the world doing their last minute Christmas shopping!

its now 10 days since the op, so how is it all going with the shoulder? well I’ve been (mostly) fairly diligent with the rehab so my range of movement is getting better. I can grip and twist my forearm  with no pain, which means I can hold light objects – and I do mean light! for instance, even a cup of tea is too heavy…so no bicep curls for a while yet!  Eating is still awkward as I’m having to learn to eat right handed and whilst I can hold objects to stabilise them, I can’t put any pressure on my arm so slicing cucumber or a carrot for example is hard work – just as well I pre prepared plenty of food so I don’t have to do any cutting or cooking – lifting a saucepan?? I don’t think so!

I can’t raise my arm out to the side by more than about 10 degrees, and raising my arm horizontally in front of me again is restricted to about 20 degrees and forget reaching across my body thats just too painful – even with the good drugs! 🙂

the drugs are affecting me quite a bit I’m constantly tired and at times really struggle to focus or concentrate on anything – somebody can be in the middle of explaining something to me and I feel myself drift off with the fairies to the point I’m almost asleep with my eyes open! Mind you that could also be due to the fact that I REALLY need a break and some proper down time to let myself recover from the operation and the last few months in general.

I’m liking the sling thing – great for a sympathy vote or two :-p and now that I’m having to get the tram to work, even when its packed, people will get up and offer me a seat! and yes I generally do take it because I’m very wary of being bumped – maybe I’m being a bit precious, but I don’t know what an unexpected jolt in the wrong direction will do to my shoulder and I certainly don’t want to find out!

I can also use the sling to carry things – often you’ll see me walking around the office heading to the kitchen with my drink bottle, tub of bcaa’s, tea cup, notepad and pen in hands – which is fine when you have 2 hands to carry stuff.  Now I can stuff it all into the sling – No effort required at all!  🙂

Its christmas day tomorrow so I’m not going to take my drugs – I’m heading off to my brothers house and he has dogs which sets off my asthma, so I’ll be on antihistamine and my that will interact with morphine based drugs I dont think I want to find that out – I’ll probably fall asleep before we even get to the turkey 🙂

at least I have an excuse for not doing the washing up! 🙂

on that note, I’ll leave it there probably for the year now – after christmas I’m doing a road trip with my visiting brother which will be fun – we’re heading to Sydney for New Year.

Have a good Christmas whatever you’re up to, talk to you next year!


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