One Armed Bandit

Its been 4 days now since my surgery so I thought it would be good to check in and see how its all going.

the night after surgery I didn’t sleep at all well as I was afflicted with a number of the side effects of the drugs!

suddenly I have to think about how to do the most normal tasks like taking a shower or drying my hair

I have been given a number of rehab exercises to do to ensure my shoulder stays mobile, one of the risks of this sort of surgery is ‘frozen shoulder’ which I really don’t want to happen! Trouble is its a fine line between doing the rehab enough to make progress and overdoing it and actually slowing down the healing process

I can use my left hand a bit even when its in the sling but I certainly can’t pick things up – anything heavier than a cup of tea at the moment is just too heavy. I’m very glad I got myself organised before I had the surgery with regards to my food as cooking would be difficult. Cutting things up like slicing cucumber or a tomato is quite tricky because I’m holding the knife in my ‘wrong’ hand so of course its all very uncoordinated!

Eating with knife and fork is also a more thought involving process – its easier to pick up the chunk of chicken and eat like a caveman…which of course I’m more than happy to do! well fingers were made before forks!

Getting dressed is interesting – virtually every item of clothing I own, seems to need to be pulled over my head – which involves lifting my shoulder or my arm up…I’m discovering what a marvelous creation trakkie daks are! and this is great whilst I can veg around at home, but tomorrow I have training and I’m also back at work. Its just as well my job involves more talking that doing at the moment so no impediments there! 🙂

Overall I think I’ve been doing quite well. I haven’t had too much pain, but I think thats because the drugs are so strong! 🙂 time will tell when I’m no longer taking them…

Patience is going to be required here I can see – even in the last few days I have noticed some improvement in mobility when doing my exercises and once I start to get any sort of strength back I really will have to curb my enthusiasm to get back into lifting. For the moment I’m just focusing on getting a good report from the surgeon on Friday.


Love to hear your thoughts!

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