Since I decided to compete in a figure competition and then unexpectedly doing so well, my decision to really give this sport a red hot go and take it as far as I can, has made it painfully (literally!) clear that the degeneration of my shoulders which has compromised all my training irrespective of the purpose, is going to have to be fixed. When Xrays  before the Vic titles revealed chalky bones – early onset of osteoarthritis and the MRI showed bone inflammation, bruising, microfractures, bone degeneration and cartilage wear and tear, I was given the ultimatum – stop training…forever or get surgery.

When the choice you’re faced with is no choice then the decision for me was easy – surgery it was going to be.

So on Wed 14th December at 6:30am I checked into the Glenferrie Private Hospital for Left Shoulder arthroscopy.

I’ve reported in video this time – because I can’t write! 🙂

7:00 am

pre surgery

pre surgery – granny knickers!

pre surgery – all dressed up

post surgery  – woozy!

post surgery – daytime tv

post surgery approx 1:30pm – post cup of tea

post surgery – scars

post surgery – surgeon talk

post surgery – 6:00pm Big Red Button

post surgery – 6:30 pm Morphine

post surgery – midnight measurements



Love to hear your thoughts!

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