Training Tip #1: Do not Kill your trainer

If you want to train for and win a figure competition, or be pushed hard during your training sessions, or rehab properly post surgery or if you simply want a training session with your trainer next week…

Do not kill your trainer.

Your trainer is a very valuable person whatever your goals…who else is going to pick you up off the floor when your legs have failed during heavy single leg barbell lunges? who else is going to prise you out from under the barbell when your arms have failed doing bench presses?  who else is…

you get the idea 🙂

so what did I do that nearly killed my trainer? Well normally Aiden is my drug supplier…sorry supplement advisor…anyway during one of our many discussions on the topic of sleep or lack of or not getting enough of…

oh behave!!!!

ANYWAY…during one of…

long story short…I’ve been taking this stuff called GHB (or GBH if you’re an unsuspecting soon to be victim! ) and it’s supposed to help you sleep, its got lots of ‘-anine’s in it – seems to have worked for me for the last few months, I take it at night with my casein (makes a nice fruit flavoured shake) and a cup of valerian tea and good night!

The trouble is, if you take just a little bit too much you can get some nasty side effects…all clearly heart racing, skin crawling sensations, shortness of breath, hot flushes….I’ve felt these only once or twice, as I generally don’t have a full scoop..

So, I just got a new pot a few days ago and had about 1/8 of the old pot left which I gave to Aiden as he’d asked to try it…and he did…

oh dear! He had a bad reaction to it and felt so awful that he had to cancel his morning clients…


Don’t I feel like a complete monster :-p


damn…probably means I’m going to get totally smashed on Monday.

repeat after me….

your trainer knows the best training…

your trainer knows the best supplements…

your trainer knows best…

do NOT kill your trainer!



Love to hear your thoughts!

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