After the last 4 weeks of hypertrophy (got the terms down pat now!) today we switched my training to strength mode.

So what does that mean?

it means HEAVY!!

I really had to put some effort into it! 🙂

not that I dont usually, I mean apart from back, I always get some level of soreness the next day or even a few days afterwards doing the 4 sets, 10-12 reps to failure type thing.

not today…

any more than 4 reps in a set then more weight got stacked on for the next set…just to make sure that it WAS really heavy..

for example I think I have been doing single leg stationary lunges with a 35kg barbell across my shoulders..probably a bit too easily I admit, but today Aiden loaded it up to 60 and then up to 65kg and after 4 reps I failed legs just sort of stopped and instead of being able to push back up I just sunk down slowly until one knee was resting on the floor…and there was no way that single leg was getting me back up. no way. not happening. and even when Aiden took the barbell off me I think I just sat there…

complete muscle failure.

we doubled the deadlift – I could hardly hold the bar and am really feeling it in my lower back now

and the leg press…


see, I’ve said it before… PT’s ARE evil – they come across all friendly and helpful and concerned…but I’m sure its the pain they see their clients go through that is what really gets them going…


only kidding! I mean where would I be without my number 1 celebrity trainer?

probably still a skinny chick training for a mountain climb instead of ‘Miss Figure Victoria Novice (Short) aiming to be Miss Hulkmania 2013 (Short!)’

So now I’m curious to see what will happen, for the last few weeks I haven’t been progressing training wise… I think I’ve bulked up – there are definitely a few clothes that are not a baggy on me anymore…! Hopefully thats just rebound from comp diet – I have put on 5kg but not all of it is fat (I hope!) and with added carbs I’m popping out of my skin on rest days wanting to train, but I haven’t progressed with the weights.

There could be a number of factors at play here – stress over my work situation, stress over my shoulder situation and the uncertainty of it all has probably led to a loss of focus. I know I’ve been battling with myself on a daily basis as to whether its worth continuing – I’ve definitely had more than a few ‘whats the point’ moments when giving it all away seems to be the most sensible thing to do. It doesn’t help that I know whatever minute gains I may have made in the last few weeks will all be lost once I go under the knife, I was behind the 8 ball when I started competing and after surgery I’ll be even further behind

It doesn’t help to have that knowledge reinforced…

thats when the part of me that wants to quit gets the better of me and I couldn’t fight my way out of a wet paper bag let alone leg press 160kg.

but then there’s the part of me that will not quit, the mongrel, the terrier….have you ever seen a terrier when they latch on to something? they will not let go…

just today Aiden reminded me of something that I’d forgotten…I was the underdog when I started competing…and I’ll be even more of an underdog when I come back after surgery…


like a raw bone to the mad dog…

perspective. Focus. Its a curious thing.

Let the shirt tearing begin…




Love to hear your thoughts!

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