Muffin Tops and Cavemen…

I was on my way to breakfast this morning to catch up with a few people who I haven’t seen for months during B.S. 1 (Bikini Season…) and I threw up. All of a sudden I felt completely awful, had a hot flush and just had to get off the tram, and, as the doors closed behind me, right in front of a busy cafe strip – up came the egg white pancakes and fruit from earlier. How embarrassing.

sorry if you’re eating your breakky right now, but there it was.

And it got me thinking about food. You see I love my food. I’ve always loved my food. I come from a family who all loves their food…unless you finished your sunday dinner first you didn’t get that last roast potato…why my mother could never do the correct number of roast potatoes I don’t know, but it was definitely survival of the fastest (fattest?) in our house!

Too much fine food and wine (and not enough exercise…) got me to where I was 2 years ago, cutting out certain foods got me a significant portion of the way to where I am now and tweaking the type of foods, proportions of foods and timings of foods got me up on stage in such incredible condition in the best health of my life.

We all have a particular relationship with food – food and emotion are intricately linked, how can they not be? if Emotion is energy in motion and food provides the energy your body needs to function, it stands to reason that food and emotion go hand in hand. Thats why when we feel sick we’re generally not exactly dancing from the rooftops! and the high (and guilt) after eating that naughty chocolate bar…anyone???

that film ‘Super Size Me’…shit food…led to shit health, thoughts, feelings and emotions!

So I got thinking about my relationship with food…I know I do get my inspiration from decidedly odd sources! Why did the egg white pancakes disagree with me – I’ve been eating them all week! Since my last comp I’ve been struggling with the concept of food and eating. I know I that being so lean is unsustainable  – a lot of female competitors lose their menstrual cycle and that can lead to long term health issues – I didn’t. My body was still  functioning extremely well, Comp Diet was so clean, I felt so healthy and alive.

Now, I know that I must put on some body fat and some weight in order to gain muscle. But knowing something intelletucally and doing it are proving to be a different kettle of fish altogether and right now I feel crappy. I feel constantly bloated and puffy, I feel lethargic and disinterested and keep getting into negative spins. I hate the fact that I’ve lost my beautiful definition, my legs have swelled and look puffy – I couldn’t get into a pair of jeans yesterday – ok they were my ultra skinny jeans – I have 3 level of jeans – skinny jeans, super skinny jeans and ultra skinny jeans, but they were too tight – I had a muffin top!!!!


check this out!

not a good look! Not going to be winning any more titles any time soon!!! :-p

So what has set this off?

Well I’ve been thinking about the foods that I’ve re-introduced and what might be causing this.

Eggs…I do love my eggs and until this morning thats been a good addition.

Nuts as morning snack have been ok, fruit – I’ve been eating berries, an apple and sometimes a nectarine every day, I’ve had a banana once – I dont think this has had any ill effects.

Greek yoghurt – that has caused me to bloat, so I’ve taken that back out and I still don’t like milk in my tea or coffee. I tried fetta cheese in my greek salad the other day but that also made me feel ill. So it looks like dairy is off the menu now.

Carbs – I’ve had pasta once, pizza twice,a loaf of gluten free bread and 2 packets of gluten free cookies…in 3 weeks and I do feel bloated after those, so I’m not going to eat any of that any more.

I do appear to have developed a sweet tooth – quite why I’m not sure, I’ve never had a sweet tooth, which I why I had no issues with comp diet – but I’ve discovered a brand of organic chocolate that has coconut and goji berries in it – its delicious. I’ve had 3 blocks of it (a block is 75g) in the last 3 weeks! thats  a lot for me!

I haven’t eaten any brown rice since comp either…maybe I should start eating that and cut down my fruit to 2 serves a day?

Alcohol…hmm..have had 2 big nights out in the last 3 weeks…and the resulting bloat has lasted for days…the picture above is the result of 1 cider last night – just 1 – which took me 4 hours to drink and 12 hours later I still feel like I’ve swallowed a football.

Alcohol is off the menu as well.

Apart from this I’m still virtually on comp diet – brekky tends to be egg white pancakes+berries+yoghurt instead of chicken+sweet potato, I still have my tuna salad at mid morning snack (now with 10 almonds), I’ve had chicken salad almost every day for lunch (without the brown rice, but with an apple), and I’ve had my protein snack mid afternoon with a nectarine and dinner is generally meat+green veg…minus the asparagus…nasty stuff. but maybe I need to put that back in, I know its a useful diuretic…will think about it.

I don’t get it. I feel like my body has shut down, that all the previously well oiled parts that were running so smoothly have become all gunked up and have ground to a halt. As of now, I’m putting myself back onto comp diet – full time until I feel healthy again.

Now I hope I’m not starting to sound like someone who has an eating disorder – I really hope not! Todays little epdisode was definitely NOT deliberate – I was really looking forward to my bacon and eggs!

What this is highlighting to me is how much more aware of the mind/body food/emotion connection I am – I used to have a cast iron constitution – I could eat anything and everything (within coeliac boundaries) at any time…and I generally didn’t particularly care what it was…but now?

I also feel this is an opportunity to explore myself a bit more – as I said in my other blog, I get to use myself as my own best lab rat – I get to experiment on myself! 🙂

So what am I going to do this time? Well because I’ve always had an interest in food and nutrition, and because in the last 2 years I’ve seen some fascinating changes resulting from tweaking my diet it occurred to me that it is the caveman style of diet that works best for me – feed me meat and a couple of nuts and watch me go!

When I 1st started training for Kilimanjaro, I cut out bread, rice, pasta and potato and increased my meat and veggies – 25kg weight loss, and 14.5% body fat loss was the result. Doing biosignature modulation – again meat was king with nuts, berries, veggies and eggs as the cameos – result 7% body fat loss. Comp Diet – meat, meat and more meat + green veggies – result another 2kg and 5%body fat loss in 10 weeks!

I’ve always been curious about eating for blood types, the paleo diet and alkaline foods diet so once I’ve re-activated my system, I’m going to check those out and see if I can blend them in a way that provides me with the optimum nutrition for gaining muscle…without having to add in foods that are now clearly interferring with my system…should be interesting



Love to hear your thoughts!

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